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Cookie Run Tower of Adventure tier list July 2024

Our Cookie Run Tower of Adventure tier list is fresh from the oven, so if you want to know which way cookies crumble, we’ve got you covered.

cookie run tower of adventures characters preparing for battle, with gingerbrave leading the charge

Our Cookie Run Tower of Adventure tier list is here to help you out with forming the very best cookie team. The title from Devsisters is an open-world adventure following a scrappy little gingerbread man called GingerBrave and his exploration of the Pancake Tower, where he’s tasked with finally sealing the oven shut. Like with most Cookie Run games, while you can explore the linear story mode, there are also punishing raids to take on that involve fighting with other players in intense PvE sessions to defeat bosses. This is precisely what we’re here to help you with.

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Cookie Run Tower of Adventure tier list

We’ve carefully curated a ranking system for each of the cookies that can be used in Cookie Run Tower of Adventure. We take into account effectiveness in battle, support, and healing, as well as overall team synergy. Like with any competitive game, you’re free to use whatever character best suits your playing style, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference. But we take a look at the current meta to see which of these tough cookies are the best.

Rank Cookie
S Chamomile Cookie, Alchemist Cookie, Pistachio Cookie, Rye Cookie
A Angel Cookie, Ninja Cookie, Muscle Cookie, Werewolf Cookie, Wizard Cookie, Gumball Cookie, Dark Choco Cookie, Rockstar Cookie
B Chili Pepper Cookie, Plantain Cookie, Crushed Pepper Cookie, Cream Soda Cookie, Cherry Cookie
C Sting Durian Cookie, GingerBrave, Twisted Donut Cookie
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Our picks for the best Cookie Run Tower of Adventure team builds

Now, since Cookie Run Tower of Adventure is a gacha game, you’re not guaranteed the entire roster of cookies straight off the bat. Depending on which cute characters you pull, you’ll need to know how to build a team around them in order to maximize your strength and longevity in battle. For everything a growing cookie needs, we’ve put together a couple of choice build guides that should help you out with whatever you get from your first rolls.

Cookie Run Adventure Wind team

If you pulled Rye Cookie, a bounty hunter baddie nicknamed the Wild Gun and one you might recognize from Cookie Run Kingdom, then you’ll want to build a wind team around this fiery little thing. Pair her up with Chamomile Cookie for some rapid healing to keep Rye fighting fit, and Ninja Cookie to act as a good F2P option. You can swap Ninja out for Plantain Cookie, which is arguably a better match-up in the long run thanks to higher damage output.

cookie run tower of adventure chili pepper cookie on green background

Cookie Run Tower of Adventure Fire team

If you pulled Chili Pepper Cookie from the starting gacha, then the best team you can build around her is naturally a fire team. Chili Pepper Cookie excels in dealing critical damage, so to maximize her output, pair her up with – you guessed it – Chamomile Cookie to keep her healed up on the frontlines. It’s also great to pair Chili Pepper Cookie up with Cherry Cookie, as the latter deals increased damage to burned enemies and covers some pretty decent AoE damage. They just wanna watch the world burn.

Cookie Run Tower of Adventure Dark team

If you pulled Dark Choco Cookie in your first few rolls, then it’s certainly worth building a dark team around him. He’s a strong and silent type and the canonical son of Cookie Run Kingdom’s Dark Cacao Cookie. But he’s his own man and stands on his own two feet, because his Dark Lightning ability can deal some truly devastating damage. To capitalize on it, pair him up with Chamomile Cookie for superior support and healing, and Alchemist Cookie for tick damage.

That’s all we have for you with our Cookie Run Tower of Adventure tier list. We’ll keep this ranking up to date with the current meta, and include any new cookies that might hit the scene in future updates. If you’re after more gacha goodness, we’ve got plenty of Wuthering Waves codes, Genshin Impact codes, and Honkai Star Rail codes for you, plus we take a look at whether there are any Zenless Zone Zero codes available.