We think The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood looks divine

A witchy, tarot card deck builder is flowing onto Nintendo Switch this year and we can’t wait to try The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood release date: A person in a witch hat looking at floating tarot cards

It’s time to manifest some positive energy and welcome The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood’s release date to the Nintendo Switch. The Switch – and mobile platforms – are great places to play card games, so we’re definitely excited about this tarot deck builder.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is a collaboration between Deconstructeam and Devolver Digital and releases on Switch this year. It follows Fortuna, a fortune-telling witch, who has lived in a long exile on an asteroid. It’s now time for her to re-enter her witchy society, reunite with old friends, and find new ones, too.

Fortuna has a special ability where she can create magic-infused tarot cards, thanks to making a pact with an ancient creature Ábramar. You create these cards yourself combining energy and arcana, in order to help shape the fate of the world.

Within the game is an emotional and rich storyline, along with a visual novel-style gameplay – when you’re not making cards, of course. Check out the website right here, and the game’s release trailer below.

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When is The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood’s release date?

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood launches on Nintendo Switch and PC on August 16, 2023. Not long now until you can divine the fate of your friends with cards!

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