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Dark and Darker codes - are there any?

Dark and Darker Mobile codes could offer some much-needed light in the depths of the dungeons, but has the developer released any yet?

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Dark and Darker Mobile is an upcoming dungeon crawler extraction game from publisher Krafton and developer Bluehole Studio, and like with many other mobile games out there, fans are wondering whether there will be Dark and Darker codes available to help them out.

Dark and Darker Mobile codes could offer you a wealth of gold, bonuses for completing certain tasks, or items and cosmetics to make sure you’re the best-dressed rogue or the most intimidating barbarian out there. The dev has already confirmed many classes, and we recently sat down for an interview with Joonseok Ahn, the lead producer of DNDM, to discuss druids, rangers, and bards a-plenty. But what about codes? Let’s take a look.

Are there any Dark and Darker Mobile codes?

There are currently no Dark and Darker Mobile codes available, as we’re still waiting for the game to release. Check back with us again soon, as we’ll make sure to update this list as soon as codes arrive!

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What are Dark and Darker Mobile codes?

Unfortunately, since we don’t have any DNDM codes for you right now, we’re not sure exactly what they’ll offer when they do appear. It wouldn’t be a far stretch to imagine they could include some gold or other currencies to use on in-game purchases or potions and boosts to help you take on other players and dungeon-crawling monsters in your future adventures.

As soon as we get wind of any Dark and Darker Mobile codes, we’ll create a list within this guide to explain which ones are active and worth trying, plus we’ll confirm any expired codes so you know not to waste your time on them.

How do I redeem Dark and Darker Mobile codes?

Since Krafton has yet to confirm the Dark and Darker Mobile release date, we don’t have any way of knowing how to redeem codes. We imagine it will likely be within the home menu, or perhaps a helpful trader will be able to bestow gifts for the right code, but right now, we’re waiting just as impatiently as you for the game to release.

That’s all we have so far regarding Dark and Darker Mobile codes, so keep a weather eye on the dungeon door for when the game goes live, so we can help you bag some freebies. We had the opportunity to visit the Krafton offices in Seoul and playtest the game, so you can check out exactly what we thought in our Dark and Darker Mobile preview. If you’re after some goodies you can redeem right now, check out our lists of Wuthering Waves codes, Genshin Impact codes, and Honkai Star Rail codes!