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Grab a monstrous deal as MHR and Sunbreak are 18% off

Our weekly deal this week is for Monster Hunter Rise and its new Sunbreak DLC, a monstrous combination that you simply can’t ignore

A huge dragon fighting some hunters in the desert with giant rocks and a bluee sky in the background

It’s deal time again, and given it’s Amazon Prime Day, it’s only fitting that we dive into the mines to bring you a rather splendid deal, and if you happen to be in the UK, we might have found a fantastic deal for you, as right now on Amazon UK you can grab Monster Hunter Rise and its Sunbreak DLC for £49.49 – that’s a huge saving of 18%!

If you’re not familiar with Capcom’s title, you get to explore vast landscapes that are full of majestic yet terrifying beasts that you must hunt. Of course, to take down creatures this powerful, you not only need some impressive equipment but a bit of patience too, as hunts can take a considerable amount of time, though you can lessen this if you bring along a friend or two.

Furthermore, this set includes the very recent MHR Sunbreak DLC, which is a huge expansion for the game. In fact, it’s essentially like a sequel, so there’s a ton of content for you to enjoy. Don’t believe us? Just check out our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak review to discover just how good it is.

Or, you can check out the official trailer to find out if you’ve got what it takes to join the hunt.

Should you decide that this isn’t the game for you, just head over to our best Switch RPGs list to see what other adventures await you.

That’s it for this weeks deal post, we hope you managed to pick up some great deals from Amazon Prime day!