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Roll into a new dice-based roguelike on Switch today

Everyone loves a good roguelike, especially one that changes up the formula like Dicefolk does with its creature collection elements.

dicefolk switch release - key art showing the games character holding dice

Let us introduce Good Shepherd Entertainment, Leap Game Studio, and Tiny Ghoul’s Dicefolk on Switch, now available for us to dive in and get to grips with its intriguing combat systems.

The Switch has an excellent library of roguelike games like Hades, but why not try one more? Dicefolk brings a breath of fresh air to the genre by adding monster-catching and the ability to control opponents in battle with the roll of a die, which is an excellent twist on the deck-builder genre’s usual formula.

In Dicefolk, you can befriend over 100 magical beasties that you can use in battle against chimeras – that’s the name of the monsters here. You’re a Chimera summoner called Alea, off on a quest to help save the world as you make a formidable team and take on the evil sorcerer Salem.

When in battle, not only do you choose what your own team does, but you can actually change your enemy’s strategies and moves by rolling dice and picking when they move, too, allowing for a very different kind of gameplay and new problems to solve in each battle. Fans of strategic gameplay will relish the depth and replayability here.

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Dicefolk was released earlier this year on Steam and currently has a very, very positive rating with plenty of reviews singing the game’s praises – and now, it’s on Switch for you to take it on the go.

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