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Mulan has arrived in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and she’s not alone

DDV welcomes Mulan and Mushu, introducing a new star path that’s full of unique goodies for you to get, as well as some new quests.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mulan: Mulan and the player character standing outside an archway leading to Disney and Paris, with Mushu on the right and a cherry blossom tree on the left

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Mulan has finally arrived as part of the DDV The Lucky Dragon free content update, which is available now. As we’ve come to expect from DDV, this update brings new realm, which is bound to be a treat for Mulan fans, especially as this iconic character isn’t alone.

Who is Mulan without Mushu? Yes, the pint-sized, self-absorbed Chinese Dragon has also landed in the Disney game. Each DDV realm so far introduces two new characters (at least, that’s the case with Monsters Inc., Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King), so Mushu had to be included, really. Look, I like Shang, but Mushu lives rent-free in my head, and I don’t need any dishonor on me, my cow, or my family.

Just in case you’re not familiar with Mulan, she’s the titular character from the 1998 movie – yes, the animated film, not the 2020 live-action film. She goes to war in place of her father to fight against the Hun, though, of course, there’s the slight complication of her being a girl.

Besides Mulan, Mushu, and a new realm for you to explore, The Lucky Dragon Disney Dreamlight Valley update also features the Majesty and Magnolias star path, which is full of unique rewards like a new Dreamy Style for Mulan. As always, you need to complete missions with Mulan and Mushu as you work towards becoming best friends with the pair. Mulan’s quests, specifically, embrace two core values of her character: determination and her strong spirit.

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Speaking of strong spirits, The Lucky Dragon also features a mini-event celebrating Disney and Pixar’s latest theatrical release, Inside Out 2. You’ll need to scour the valley for pieces of Riley’s Core Memories to put them back together. If you do, you’ll get to meet some extremely cute emotion-themed Critters.

The Majesty and Magnolias star path is available from now until August 7, 2024, whereas you only have until July 17 to take part in Inside Out 2’s Memory Mania. If you’re getting into the summer spirit, you can check out some of the new items in the Premium Shop, as well as DDV’s Pride collection, on the official website.

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