When will we get a Final Fantasy 9 remake?

The FF7 Remake has taken the world by storm, but we want to know when we can expect to see a Final Fantasy 9 remake on Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy 9 remake - Vivi walking through Alexandria

Final Fantasy 9 remake rumours spread like wildfire at the beginning of 2023, when the 35th anniversary in February was set to feature an hour-and-a-half-long presentation full of juicy FF news. Well, the anniversary has now been and gone, meaning these leaks were, unfortunately, a load of phooey

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Final Fantasy 9 remake release date speculation

Unfortunately, Square Enix is yet to announce a Final Fantasy 9 remake, let alone a release date. We’re definitely jumping the gun a little bit here, but those 4Chan leaks earlier this year really got us hoping to see this classic game get a graphical overhaul and make its way onto the Nintendo Switch alongside other next-gen consoles.

Will the Final Fantasy 9 remake come to Switch?

As we mentioned above, Square Enix is yet to even announce a Final Fantasy 9 remake, let alone what platforms it may arrive on. However, I think the style of 9 fits perfectly on Nintendo Switch, as the characters and backgrounds don’t need to be as realistic as Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 9 remake gameplay

Here on Pocket Tactics, we hope any potential Final Fantasy 9 remake remains faithful to the original with turn-based combat and no deviations to the story. The original already has a chibi-esque style that has aged gracefully, so, in my eyes, a polish on all the rough edges, voice acting, and some QOL improvements are all a remake would need to succeed.

YouTube Thumbnail

The Memoria Project is a non-playable Final Fantasy 9 remake project led by a team of devs and artists that reimagines the game with modern graphics. This impressive proof of concept is exactly how we want a remake to look, and hopefully, Square Enix takes note.

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