Finger on the App 2 kicks off on March 20

Learn the skills to triumph in our Finger on the App 2 guide

What is Finger on the App? The game has quite a simple premise, really – touch your phone longer than anyone else. That becomes a lot harder when you factor in all the other competition. Finger on the App is interesting since it’s a one time game. So you get one shot to win the grand prize and walk away victorious. But popular philanthropist YouTuber Mr Beast has now announced Finger on the App 2, developed by Beast Interactive Games, with an even bigger prize pool.

As opposed to last time, you can now buy lives, but also earn them in a new battle mode before the main game begins. So here we’re going to give you some tips to make the most of the competition – whether it’s staying healthy during, or in playing the game itself. Because after the first one lasted for 70 hours, it’s likely this one will prove lengthy too.

Though the prize is likely to go those that buy loads of lives, everyone still has a limit of three when it actually comes down to playing the game.

What is finger on the app 2?

Finger on the App 2 isn’t your typical mobile game, but is instead a  massive multiplayer experience available in the U.S, Canada, and Mexico. As opposed to last time, players can use both Android and iOS devices. The aim of the game is to touch the screen for as long as possible, and the last one touching wins the grand prize.

Finger on the App 2 release date

Finger on the App 2 starts on March 20, 2021. Just make sure to have the app open and that you’re ready to go by that time if you want to play.

Finger on the App 2 prize

As opposed to the $25,000 prize for the first game, Mr Beast has increased the amount to $100,000. The contest is also sponsored by the multiplayer game, Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars. Last time the prize was supposed to be decided by a player poll – until Mr Beast just gave a prize to the final four players. But it seems like that poll has been removed this time around.

Finger on the App 2 life screen

finger on the app 2 download

You can download Finger on the App 2 on the App Store, or for Android on Mr Beast’s app website.

finger on the app 2 extra lives

The amount of lives you have is important when playing, so here’s what you can do to get your hands on some extras:

  • You can buy lives in Finger on the App 2, with one for $2.99, two for $4.99, and three for $6.99. This money goes into the prize pool
  • You can play battle mode to earn cookies with which you purchase lives

Finger on the App 2 cheaters

Cheating was a concern in the original Finger on the App, but at numerous points in the 70 hour competition Mr Beast and MSCHF added in surprise changes to the touching pattern which threw off any bots that were playing. In the end, no bots won the competition.

Finger on the App 2 life purchase screen

how to play finger on the app 2

The aim of the game is simple: touch the screen for as long as possible – but there are some other aspects that are important to remember. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Keep touching the screen at all times, moving your finger into merged circles that say ‘touch’
  • You can see where you are touching because the circles merge around that point
  • You can see the number of remaining lives and the time elapsed at the top of the screen
  • You can earn cookies to buy lives in battle mode, going head to head with another opponent and trying to outlast them

Finger on the App 2 tips and tricks

With no time limit on the game, if you want to get far, and maybe even win, you’re going to have to take some real-life things into consideration. It’s important to stay healthy and hydrated during, though sleep might be somewhat impossible. Here are some tips to stay on your game:

  • Stay hydrated: Make sure you have a good deal of water nearby to drink during the game – a caffeinated beverage to hand probably wouldn’t go amiss
  • You gotta eat: Snacks are a fundamental pillar of gaming, and this is no different. Make sure you have some to hand, but also keep some fruit nearby for that natural sugar boost
  • Don’t go crazy: There are always some people who take things to the extreme, and good on them, someone’s got to. But these games go on for an absurd amount of time, so bear in mind real life commitments
  • Have a phone charger nearby: Nothing would be worse than running out of battery during the game, so have a charger ready and to hand
  • Make plans for doing necessary things: There are some things, that you just have to do, especially if you’re in this for the long haul, so perhaps devise a way that you can keep playing while doing those things
  • Play with a friend: if you’re determined to get real serious with the game, get a friend to play with you, so you can play in shifts and stay sharp
  • Turn off Siri: loads of streamers lost the competition last time as they were tricked into opening Siri by reading out subscriber names, so if you don’t want to get trolled this time, best turn off those voice commands

Finger on the App winner

After 70 hours of play, and over 1.3 million players, Finger on the App concluded. A number of people won different amounts of money, with Mr Beast bribing some to leave the game for $10,000, and in the end he stopped the game and gave all four remaining players $20,000.

The 70 hours were also filled with plenty of other hilarious happenings – whether it was MrBeast calling contestants to try and catch them out, or the evil yet hilarious people who tricked streamers into calling up Siri on their phones – be warned of swears in the video.

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