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Finger on the App guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Learn the skills to triumph in this one time game

What is Finger On The App? The game has quite a simple premise, really – touch your phone longer than anyone else. That becomes a lot harder when you factor in all the other competition. Finger On The App is interesting since it’s a one time game. So you get one shot to win the grand prize and walk away victorious. Finger On The App is developed by MSCHF in partnership with the popular philanthropist YouTuber MrBeast. Funding a one time prize for whoever manages to win, the amount of which is voted on by the other players.

Everyone who enters has an equal chance, so we’re here to give you the best advice we can to help you make the most of that – whether it’s tips on staying healthy during, or in playing the game itself. Because after all, who knows how long it could go on for.

We also have details that might assuage your worries about cheaters using bots to win the game when the game is actually taking place, and how to get a hold of it so you can practice. No point passing up the chance of winning that much money!

Here’s everything you need to know about finger on the app:

what is finger on the app?

Finger On The App isn’t your typical mobile game, but is instead a one time multiplayer experience, free for everyone to enter – provided they have an iOS device. The aim of the game is to stay touching the screen as long as is possible, and the last one still touching it at the end of the game will win a grand prize.

The only thing is, that prize is going to be determined by other players, and could be anywhere between $1 and $25,000. In this sense, Finger On The App is as much a kind of social experiment as it is a mobile game.

How to download finger on the app

Finger On The App is pretty simple to get a hold of, here’s how you do it:

  • Find Finger On The App on the App Store and download – unfortunately FOTA isn’t on Android, so you need an Apple device
  • Once downloaded you can open the app and a tutorial appears explaining the game
  • You also have to choose some notification settings
  • Finger On The App also asks you for your phone number and texts you a security code, which you enter to sign up
  • The phone number is also presumably the method that will be used to contact the user who wins the overall game

how to play finger on the app

The aim of the game is simple – keep touching the screen – but there are some other aspects that are important to remember. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Keep touching the screen at all times, moving your finger into the circles that appear on the grid
  • You can see where you are touching because the line warp around it
  • Your lives and the number of players remaining are listed at the top of the screen
  • You can’t currently play the proper game, of course, but you can play in Practice Mode as much as you want, to get yourself ready for the main event

how do i get extra lives in finger on the app?

The amount of lives you have are going to be important when playing, so here’s what you can do to get your hands on some extras:

  • If you enable Bluetooth and play the game with a friend you can get three extra lives for both you and them
  • This seems like a method to get as many people playing the game on the day as is possible


Currently the main event, so to speak, is set for June 30 at 15:00 ET (12:00 PT). So yes, that means the main event is tonight! Apparently according to the devs, the app can handle millions of concurrent players, which really means that the sky is the limit in terms of how long this game could go on for. Just have the app open and ready before that time rolls around, and you can enter the main game.

what’s to stop people cheating in finger on the app?

Many of you might be worried about cheating in Finger On The App, or someone just building a bot that can outlast any human, but that’s why you have to move your finger to the randomly appearing circles on the grid. This feature acts like a CAPTCA, making sure that users aren’t bots.

But for any still worried, MrBeast has tweeted about people’s concerns, giving a little more info:

tips and tricks for playing finger on the app

With no time limit on the game, if you want to get far, and maybe even win, you’re going to have to take some real-life things into consideration. It’s important to stay healthy and hydrated during, though sleep might be somewhat impossible. Here are some tips to stay on your game:

  • Stay hydrated: Make sure you have a good deal of water nearby to drink during the game – a caffeinated beverage to hand probably wouldn’t go amiss
  • You gotta eat: Snacks are a fundamental pillar of gaming, and this is no different. Make sure you have some to hand, but also keep some fruit nearby for that natural sugar boost
  • Don’t go crazy: There are always some people who take things to the extreme, and good on them, someone’s got to. But this game could go on for an absurd amount of time, so bear in mind your real life commitments
  • Have a phone charger nearby: Nothing would be worse than running out of battery during the game, so have a charger ready and to hand
  • Make plans for doing necessary things: There are some things, that you just have to do, especially if you’re in this for the long haul, so perhaps devise a way that you can keep playing while doing those things, whether that’s with help from a friend, or some gadgetry.

And that’s all the help we can give you! You can find Finger On The App on the App Store depending on your region. We wish you the very best of luck when June 30 rolls around – not that you’ll need it.

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