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The best Fitbit apps - from Strava to Lumosity

Our list of the best Fitbit apps on iPhone and Android helps you get physical and achieve even your toughest fitness goals with technology

Fitbit apps - someone in bike gloves typing on their phone

Looking for the best Fitbit apps to use in 2022? Well, you’re in the right place. You’ve got your Fitbit for a reason, right? And that’s to stay healthy and work on honing your fitness skills with the help of this wearable device. Whether it’s keeping track of your daily steps, seeing how well you sleep, checking your heart rate, or just generally setting yourself health and wellness goals, there’s an app for that.

In order to utilise your Fitbit as best as possible, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most out of what it has to offer. Luckily, we’ve put together the top five Fitbit apps that should help you do just that from nutrition tracker, MyFitnessPal to the gamified walking app, Wokamon.

So, if you’re just here with general fitness in mind, you’ve got an ultimate nutrition and weight loss goal, or you may even be looking to flex your brain, there are a bunch of apps that can team up with your Fitbit to give you a whole new experience. Let’s jump into our guide to the best Fitbit apps.

The best Fitibit apps

Fitbit apps - someone in bike gloves typing on their phone


Whether you’re going for a run or heading out on your bike, Strava is the app that keeps that all-important activity tracked for you. Double it up with the fact it’s also a social network that connects you with your friends and family, it’s also great for getting competitive or just seeing what everyone else is up to and cheering each other on.

With Fitbit, when you connect your device to the Strava app it automatically syncs your activities and contributes to your daily stats, like calories burned and active minutes. This can all be set up on the Strava website.

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If you’re looking to track your nutrition, MyFitnessPal is an app that helps you keep count of both your calories consumed and burned throughout your day-to-day life. If you’ve got a certain weight loss goal in mind, the app will set you up with a program on how much you should be eating and in what food categories it should be.

You can log a whole bunch of different things from food, exercise, steps climbed, and sleep that will all sync up when you connect the app to your Fitbit tracker. All done on the MyFitnessPal site.

Fitbit apps - a phone next to two tablets that show you some of the games available on Lumosity


You don’t just have to work out your muscles to be healthier though, exercising your brain is also very important and that’s where Lumosity comes in. The brain training app offers daily activities and games that test different parts of your thinking.

If you want to see the correlation between your physical activity and your brain training, you can sync your Fitbit up with Lumosity to compare your daily steps over 90 days with how many Lumosity games you’ve played. A fascinating insight into how your cognitive training can support your physical training and vice versa.

Fitbit apps - someone holding a phone with a purple screen that says "Wokamon" on it


While we all got a little bit more into walking during the pandemic, Wokmaon is an app that has turned the whole experience into a game. Called the Monster Walker Quest, every step you take is translated into in-game XP that can be used to grow your unique Wokamon characters as well as earn you different crystals to add to your collection. It’s like if your Tamagotchi was also a pedometer. Fun, right?

Fitbit apps - the words "Lose It!" appear next to some orange scales

Lose It!

With over 40 million members, Lose It! is the final app on our list that focuses on keeping you fit and healthy. You can set goals, track progress, set a calorie budget, and record what you eat all within the app. And, when you sync up with your Fitbit, you can get an exercise bonus in Lose It! depending on how many calories you burn. The two work great together and if you sign up for a basic plan, it’s free.

That’s it for our list of the best Fitbit apps, if you want to listen to some tunes while you work out, check out our Spotify download and YouTube Music download guides.