FNAF Security Breach release date

The latest title in the hit horror-survival series FNAF has taken the cupcake on PS4, PS5, and PC. But when’s the FNAF Security Breach release date on Switch?

FNAF Security Breach release date; Freddy holding a joy con

While we don’t have an exact FNAF Security Breach release date for Switch yet, there’s a good chance that all of us Nintendo-loving Five Nights at Freddy’s fanatics will be able to count our exotic butters and drop some sick beats with DJ Music Man on our platform of choice at some point. But when? Here’s everything we know so far. The initial FNAF Security Breach release date has come and gone, with PC and PS4 fans climbing into the belly of the beast with great gusto. However, we’re yet to see this eagerly awaited gem hit Switch or other platforms yet. The title has gained plenty of love from the community so far, with its unique story and shiny visuals capturing the hearts and souls of spooky animatronics everywhere. And with such a passionate following, we’re hopeful that it’ll get its claws into other platforms soon.

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When is the FNAF Security Breach release date for Switch?

When ScottGames and Steel Wool Studios first announced FNAF Security Breach, we were all super excited to take the role of Gregory, as we finally got to climb into an animatronics’ tumtum by choice instead of against our will. But due to an exclusive deal with Sony, the title only came to PC and PlayStation, and was barred from coming to other platforms for at least three months.

FNAF Security Breach release date; Glamrock animatronics performing

However, with the previous Five Nights At Freddy’s games hitting the Switch recently, we’re pretty confident that a FNAF Security Breach release date is on the cards for Nintendo fans at some point.

It may take a little while, as even on PC and PS5 the game experienced a lot of bugs and issues with the ray tracing at first, but we’re hopeful that, with a little bit of elbow grease, Glam Rock Freddy and pals should shine up nice and new, and we can finally take these exciting escapades with us on the go.

That’s all we know about the FNAF Security Breach release date for Switch right now. We’ll be sure to update this guide if we find out more. If you want more portable picks full of shocks and scares, head over to our Poppy Playtime characters guides, full of fun frights including Poppy Playtime Poppy, Poppy Playtime Mommy Long Legs, and Poppy Playtime Huggy Wuggy keep you happily horrified.