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Fortnite Festival welcomes Metallica to the virtual stage

Give ‘em fuel, give ‘em fire, give ‘em all that they desire as the biggest metal band in the world takes over all modes for Fortnite Festival.

metallica in their flaming puppet master skins for fortnite collaboration

If you’re a fan of frenetic thrash metal and FPS games, then you’re in luck, because some truly iconic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees are smashing their way to the virtual stage for the Metallica Fornite Festival collab. Starting today, the head-banging experience delivers six of Metallica’s biggest tracks, with the band taking over all other Fortnite modes for one big gaming mosh pit.

Experience Metallica’s music like never before in Metallica: Fuel. Fire. Fury. Six showcases over the weekend will see some of the band’s fattest songs performed on the virtual stage, as well as plenty of heavy gameplay that matches the soundtrack. Fortnite has never been a stranger to unexpected crossovers, with a Fortnite Fallout collaboration on the horizon, but this time, we’re taking it back to the old school, so let your hair down, prepare for the pits, and channel your inner Eddie Munson.

With Fortnite Festival Season 4, Metallica members James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Robert Trujillo, and Kirk Hammett are the performing icons gracing the podiums, and they’re not just here to perform, they’re here to battle. Battle Stage is a brand-new experience and musical free-for-all that’ll last long past Metallica’s tenure, and will have 16 players shred to a four-song set with only one emerging sweaty and victorious.

Plenty of Metallica-themed gameplay is coming in tandem with their debut on the Fortnite Festival stage. Ride the Lightning gameplay is electrifying the original battle royale mode, with the Metallica Cup and a brand-new POI inspired by the band’s M72 World Tour, plus plenty of metal quests and baller rewards up for grabs. Band member-specific outfits are also coming, along with LEGO counterparts, and Rocket Racing delivers a Metallica Jäger 619 bundle, as well as the Thrash Mountain Track to put your pedal to the literal metal.

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Season 4 kicks off today and ends August 16, and if you want to check out everything that Metallica has in store for you, make sure to give the Fortnite Festival blog a read. Wherever you may roam, turn it up to 11, and throw horns, it’s time to rock and roll.

If you’re wondering what else the current season has on offer, check out our guides to the current Fortnite weapons, Fortnite map, and our picks for the best Fortnite skins (we’re already eyeing up the Puppet Master outfits). If you’re just getting started, we talk you through the Fortnite download process, and if you want to brush up on your lyrics, download Apple Music or download Spotify, to prepare some Metallica playlists while you play.