Fortnite skins – Moon Knight and Wu-Tang Clan drop in

Drop in and blast your pals in style with the latest Fortnite skins, including Marvel’s Moon Knight and hip-hop legends the Wu-Tang Clan

Fortnite skins Moon Knight: new fortnite skins are fashioned after Moon Knight, and the style of Wu-Tang Clan

Every time I check the store, the selection of Fortnite skins has got even better, and a little weirder. Joining the pantheon of famous characters and real-life people immortalised in virtual fame, this week we have a new Marvel superhero and one of the best hip-hop acts to ever hit the scene.

So what are the latest Fortnite skins? Epic Games confirmed today that the latest Marvel hero to join the MCU, Moon Knight, is available right now in the item shop. Both the Fortnite Moon Knight and Mr Knight characters are available, and the Crescent Dart Pickaxe completes the set. You don’t need Khonshu in your ear to tell you what a fantastic skin this is.

That’s not all though, as Epic Games also confirmed that the Wu-Tang Clan will be dropping in later this month. New clothing items based on the style of the band will arrive on April 23, alongside a new wrap, back bling, pickaxes, emotes, and a fancy new loading screen. If you’re a fan of Wu-Tang, there is so much great Fortnite Wu-Tang stuff to get into here, and it all looks great. If you need to build up some extra V-Bucks, be sure to check out our Fortnite challenges guide to help you grab some extra gear.

When is Moon Knight coming to Fortnite?

Moon Knight is available from today, April 21 2022, in the Fortnite item shop.

When is Wu-Tang Clan coming to Fortnite?

Epic Games has confirmed that the Wu-Tang Clan sets will arrive on April 23, 2022.

That’s it for all the latest Fortnite news today, but if you’ve done all your challenges and need another way to play with pals, why not check out our guide to the best games like Fortnite for Switch and mobile today.