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Pro Strategy Football 2018

Fri Dec 15, 2017 6:41 pm

Pro Strategy Football is now on Steam! ... ball_2018/

Many of you know of my football simulation/game from past years. This year, I've added a lot of new features. I would have gotten it out earlier, but my wife had a series of seizures, which pretty much turned our lives upside down for a few months.

Main features in PSF 2018:
- new realism settings allow you to toggle injuries, penalties, and home field advantage
- can now scout each team’s coaches (playcalling, emphasis, etc)
- you can now have an unlimited number of leagues (teams and players)
- you can share leagues, using iTunes to transfer files to and from your device
- export any league to csv, edit the names and ratings (ALL ratings), even conference names and the championship name, and import back to create a league
- have different leagues for exhibition, season, and career
- you can now watch simulated games played live
- greatly improved play calling
- can now view at a glance all your men’s ratings, game stats, etc, while choosing a receiver or runner (or on defense, to help you decide whether to key or double team)
- tweaking the engine a little

The most exciting new feature is the ability to import csv files to create and share leagues. You can now have an unlimited number of leagues (teams and players) and can share them. And of course, you are free to use any names you like - your friends, real players, anyone.


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