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Stencilsmith - iOS Minimalistic RPG/Crafting Puzzle Game

Thu Oct 06, 2016 2:15 am

Hello, my name is Nick and I developed Stencilsmith distills the essence of the adventure/RPG genres into a minimalistic puzzle game. Slide stencils & cards together to craft tools, mine resources, earn XP, battle enemies and more. The object is to level-up as many times as possible before depleting all your hearts or moves.

As an adventure game, Stencilsmith let’s players grind levels, manage resources, upgrade weapons and plan how to attack enemies. At it’s core, Stencilsmith quenches the thirst all gamers have to earn XP & level-up in a quest to beat their best score.

Here's a few promo codes for forum members to download the game for free and take a look. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

YouTube Trailer:
Stencilsmith Site:

Thanks for taking a look!



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