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Invisible, Inc. is out now for the iPad

Fri Oct 07, 2016 4:11 am

Invisible, Inc. is a tactical turn-based strategy game by Klei. I played it on the Mac and it's a great stealth strategy game. If you like the Go series, you will definitely like this game. It's similar in that you are trying to avoid detection and that each level is a puzzle to figure out. But the mechanics of Invisible, Inc. are much more robust and the solutions to problems are not quite so linear. There are multiple difficulty settings and the tougher AI can be pretty brutal. It was one of my favorite games of last year. I will probably double-dip and buy it on the iPad. Obviously I haven't played it yet, but it's an isometric TBS game so I would imagine that the controls will translate just fine to a mobile port. And it's Klei, pretty much everything they do has a lot of polish to it.

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/invisib ... 31964?mt=8

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Re: Invisible, Inc. is out now for the iPad

Fri Oct 07, 2016 8:23 am

Indeed, it is a great game.

There is an overarching campaign during which you develop your agents and work towards your ultimate goal. The missions/levels are procedurally generated ... so no rote solutions (or ability/temptation to check the internet for how to get through them).

Rock Paper Shotgun rated it as their second best stealth game of all time saying ... "Everything from the brief campaign structure to the heavily customizable playstyles has been designed to encourage experimentation and create maximum tension". So there.

I expect that I will also succumb and buy it a second time on iOS.


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