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Casual Heroes is a turn-based combat without might and magic

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:08 pm
by Pincoder
Tactical battles in the spirit of the Heroes 3. Turn-based strategy and tactics
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After the apocalypse, the whole world was flooded with water, and you have to fight for survival. Heroes in this game are ordinary people of different classes and professions. Farmers, musicians, nurses, firefighters embarked on the warpath to survive on the island!

Casual Heroes is a turn-based strategy with tactical battles on the field similar to chess. Take battle under your full control, plan moves, correctly apply support items and be sure to win! Similar battles are familiar to many in games with might and magic. But in this game, instead of a sword, heroes use slingshots and rolling pins, and instead of magic - unique abilities and modern objects!

- Your own island with multiple upgradeable buildings
- upgradeable heroes with their unique abilities
- battle with players for resources with turn-based battle tactics
- an Arena with online battles in real time
- battle machines and defensive buildings
- clans with clan chat and additional clan squad
- regular tournaments of clans with prizes in gems
- captivating quests and achievements

Increase the strength of your base on the island, create a powerful army, and crush your opponents bases and Pepperoni's marauders!

Help to players:

Google Play Store Link: ... igr.heroes

App Store Link: ... ?ls=1&mt=8