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Battleship Command: Scharnhorst, indie naval sim

Mon Dec 28, 2020 7:10 pm

Hi everyone!

”Battleship Command: Scharnhorst” is my dream simulator that I am working on as a hobby project. Since I played Destroyer Command the first time I have been longing for a similar game but with battleships.

In its current form Battleship Command lets you control a Scharnhorst class battleship and its weapons. You can steer it by rudder controls or setting compass directions and ordering speeds. You have flexible control over the three main 28cm guns, either fire all three at the same target or split the guns on seperate targets. There is three fire control stations with a fire control computer each. So potentially you can engage three different targets at the same time. You also have access to the heavy AA guns. And soon enough the secondary 15cm batteries will be ready.


At the moment ”single missions” are available, where you can sink merchants and battle destroyers, cruisers and battleships. A quick scenario editor is in the works as a built in function. Open world (north Atlantic) patrols are also not far away.

I have a vision of a campaign mode similar to Silent Hunter V, where you go on patrols, sometimes with specific tasks/patrol areas. You will need to follow the prize rules and be careful in combat to keep a good reputation and not get stuck in harbour doing repairs for long periods. A good reputation will grant you plenty of fuel, ammo, new updates (radars, sensors, weapons) and the best crew.

I am not a programmer or a graphic designer, so I am learning as I go. I am not using any game engine, but a programming IDE with a OpenGL graphics library. So I have much freedom, but no ready made assets like water, enviroment and FX. I love good graphics, see World of Warships, but with these tools and my skills Battleship Command will initially not reach that level.

If you would like to know more or support the project, you can do it at my Patreon page:

Feel free to post questions, feedback, ideas and feature requests here! I am planning to release a demo soon enough.

/Daniel aka Bracer


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Re: Battleship Command: Scharnhorst, indie naval sim

Sat Jan 16, 2021 11:59 pm

Hi everyone!

It is time for a new little demo to show you the progress of Battleship Command!
In this demo you can test your skills in handling a battleship in 5 different scenarios and get a feel for what I am working on.
It is still rather (mildly speaking) unpolished and will require some time to get used to for the user.
So do not expect a finished game, but rather a sneak peek into the hobby project of an amatuer programmer/battleship enthusiast

Be sure to check the manual on how to fire the guns at your target correctly!
Press F1 key for help while ingame.
There is no mission endings, simply press ESC when you are finished playing.
The M-key and the map is curretly disabled...

You can download it here:
Mirror: ...


Next I am going to work on adding:
-Friendly AI, for bigger battles and more strategy
-Mission editor
-Damage management
-AI crew, helping you with guns/navigation/damage reports
-Terrain and a map view
-User interface



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