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Grunting: Humble Bundle 20 Spotted

Tue Sep 06, 2016 11:55 am

It's time for another Humble Bundle!... Although, with the amount of attention and faff that surrounds one of these, I don't really think the 'humble' thing really works any more. ... 0-spotted/

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Re: Grunting: Humble Bundle 20 Spotted

Wed Sep 07, 2016 11:37 am

I cannot comment much on the bundle but I want to drop some lines on Last Horizon which is included in the baseline.

I discovered that game about a month ago on iOS and it is really a fun game. It is basically OUT THERE meets uhm Gravity based action? I cannot describe it all that well. You flee from your devastated home planet via a small rocket/spaceship and need to navigate the not so empty space to found another homestead on another planet to survive. To do so you need to land on many other planets to extract fuel and ore (sounds familiar?) as well as some biomass for later terraforming your destination.

It gets frantic when you try to dodge an asteroid while avoiding the dominant gravitation of a nearby black hole.
I had a good laugh or three at myself for my rather clumsy attempts to land on a planet head-first (hint: it's bad!) or doing a tangential swing-by just over the mountain ridge (hint: it's abrasive!)

It has some barebones pixelated graphic setting so no Out There boast but it gets the job done and is surprisingly well suited for the theme.

It may be not a deep experience at all but I have to say this game is well worth the asking price since it is real fun game which is quite surprisingly really addictive (just one more try.....)

I forgot to mention another fact which reminded me of Out There: from time to time there are some snippets of thoughts on screen where the lone survivor muses about iphis situation which reminded me a lot about Out There's diary entries.

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Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:43 pm

Yeah, I was surprised to see Pixeljam's Last Horizon in here: that came out not long ago and had been on my want list for a while, as had the (apparently flawed, but conceptually fascinating) Cloud Chasers.

And maybe I'll finally play Always Sometime Monsters now. I've had it on PC for a long time, but 90% of my gaming time is mobile right now.


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