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Review: Lifeline: Flatline

Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:00 pm

The Lifeline series is interactive fiction at its most basic. You read some text then you get two, and only two, choices as to how to proceed. ... -flatline/

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Thu Nov 17, 2016 7:57 pm

I played the first Lifeline through a bunch of times to see what different endings would be reachable. On the replay the game allows you to skip the wait so it wasn't nearly as bad as it seems.

The second one released was actually about a fantasy world and not a sequel to our space opera. (As I hadn't survived the first game I wasn't surprised) And I didn't play it as much, once I had a mostly good ending.

The third I played was often left waiting days between replies as the game had lost a bit. That was Lifeline: Silent Night.

I had stepped away from them for a bit but just finished playing through Lifeline: Whiteout which I picked up on sale in September. I din't start it until last week, but unlike Silent Night I actually responded in good order. It also has a different character, Adams, who wakes up on a frozen lake in the middle of a snow storm without any memory of how he got there.

That last one I played to a bad ending, backed up a single choice and played to a good ending and deleted. Still, it was about what you get for a $2 short story and a little more interactive then that.

I don't have this title nor the Lifeline: Crisisline. I think I'll be quite likely to grab them on sale as overall they are worth the asking price. Getting them at a bargain therefore makes it a win.


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