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How about a Berserker:

They are a basic melee class, but they get more powerful as they take damage. If they are really beat up and close to death they can one-hit kill most creatures or even unlock abilities that allow for crowd control mechanics. I???d love to see a team of these making a desperate last stand and piling up the bodies around them!

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The Tourist.

A nice nod to the original Rogue game, as well as a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none type character.

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Tarotmancer- draws a hand of cards from a tarot deck and plays/invokes them to cast spells.

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I haven't had a chance to play Demons Rise yet (although it's been at the top of my radar for a while), so I don't know how well this character would fit, but I like the idea of a fairly weak character which can stacks a speed buff. The more damage he does, the more often he can hit or take actions, eventually taking down enemies by "death by a thousand cuts".

This would work for a Monk style character - not much armor and no weapon, but he can make multple hits

Or some sort of Rogue - every time she hits, her speed increases and she starts frenzying.

It'd be cool if the character could eventually stack so much speed that they get multiple attacks for every enemy attack (again, I don't know exactly how Demons Rise's combat system works, so I'm not sure how well this would fit)

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The Hound.

You are a giant dog. You have bonuses to STR and DEX and CHA, and penalties to WIS. You have two attacks per round: a piercing Bite that adds a Tear Throat DoT effect on a critical hit. You can also Leap Bash, a blunt attack which allows you to perform an extra move, placing you on top of an enemy in the second rank, knocking them over and resulting in a Stun on a critical.

You cannot cast spells, but have several abilities which mimic such powers.

You can track like a Ranger, unless the target is a squirrel. Then they're everywhere!
You can Lick Wounds, a HoT which remains active as long as the licking continues.
You can Growl, causing all living creatures to save against Fear, and all undead creatures to converge on the hounds location.
You can counter any Freeze or Cold spell effect with Hot Dog Breath, usable once after every meal.
You can Shed any "sticky" effect, like being covered in Slime, Acid, Burning Oil, or Goo.

You can't speak Common, or any other language for that matter, but you can understand anyone who talks to you slowly while maintaining eye contact. You can only bark in return, but everyone knows what you want - food!

Good boy!

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Possessor-- can transfer into any enemy and take over their actions, although leaving their own physical form inert and vulnerable in the process.

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How about a Werebeast? Its shifts between its human and animal forms are not something it controls, so you have to figure out how to do social encounters as a giant animal, or combat as a scrawny human.

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Haven't played it yet so don't know if there's already a...

The Buccaneer:

A swashbuckling plunderer and pillager. In addition to various melee moves with his cutlass, he also has a ranged pistol blast that takes a couple turns to reload. The party also receives a bonus to the amount of discovered loot.

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For a grid based Rogue-like or something similar, the slime takes up its current position as well as the last two positions it was in. When the slime takes damage, bits of it break off, and it can recover HP by moving back to those spots. It can also spit parts of itself in a range attack that costs some of its HP. If it manages to corner an enemy, it can suffocate it.

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Metal Smith:

I envision sort of a steam-punk-looking person who can craft various armors and enhancements and even things to replace eyes or limbs (a la Shadowrun), as well as weapon upgrades. They might have high Strength and Intelligence, but low Dex and Wisdom.


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