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Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:13 pm

The canadian

100% resistance against cold damage

Can't be provoked (also say '' sorry, eh!'' when this happen)

Look like a lumberjack

Armed with a lumberjack axe

As a special item named ''poutine'', healing a quarter of hp and giving a ally cold immunity if this ally consume it.

a class with high HP and Medium damage, but low Dex

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Re: Demon's Rise Giveaway! Enter Now!

Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:16 pm

Future Soul Renegade

A character class inspired by Nai Palm, singer and polyrhythmic pioneering leader of Future Soul band Hiatus Kaiyote.

A ranged weapon specialist with the power of enhancing team member attack and defence stats through the beauty of their words and singing.

Lyrics from The World It Softly Lulls

"Rarity glistened sharp
The memory of silver tooth bark
Bathed led light history
Fractured into pieces
And outside
Storm forks a snake tongue
Curls through my finger tips warm
A rouge streak ribbons around my skull"

I rest my case.
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How about a Technomancer? A quick character who isn't the strongest in a melee situation, but has the ability to conjure up mechanical constructs. Similar to a necromancer, except with machine constructs. There would also be an ability to take over and control any mechanical enemies that are faced. The Technomancer would have to fight from the back rows of the grid and rely on other classes to keep him safe from close combat. In return for protection from the enemy, the Technomancer could "enhance" the weapons of his comrades with mechanical attributes such as an electric buff to a sword or adding stun to arrows. Finally, a quick prayer ability to the machine god would create a huge bonus on the battlefield for the entire team. This would be more of a build up super move of course.

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Potion Master

He starts with average to low stats, but can toss flasks of fire, poison, smoke, and healing mist. He can also choose to drink potions to increase strength, dexterity, or speed but each potion consumed places a damage over time effect on the potion master. He can resolve these DOTS by taking each potion's antidote but only one antidote can be taken each turn.

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Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:53 am

These are some great suggestions. I really like the Torchbearer / Apprentice ... I'm pretty sure I'm going to use him in the next Demon's Rise game. Lots of great ideas overall.

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The Trump

He looks like an old overweight white wizard with a bad combover and an expensive suit.

??? Equipped with a cell phone that emits Tweets of Death (causes insanity)
??? Magic Wall: A protection spell that emits a wall and his foes pay for it (shock)
??? You???re Fired: A spell that sets foes on fire.
??? Hood Robin: A spell that steals cash from his foes to line the coffers.
??? Summons Beauty Pageant Minions (charms foes).
??? Summons Vlad Putin: A Russian deity from the fiery pits of hell who rains bombs.

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The Android

Low agility but high stamina/toughness
Able to self-repair after combat
Extremely versatile but with low charisma
More popular than other classes yet much less supported by game developers
Unable to win the contest

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Best. Giveaway. Ever.
The Hive - A collection of insects operating as one. You will use your "body" as a weapon with abilities like Spread (10% miss chance as your form expands the space between individual bugs) and Condense (DR and increase on damage of all unarmed melee attacks) acting as defensive buffs and offensive abilities like Choke (send a portion of your form to cut off the airways of enemies) and Swarm (loose form and cause AoE damage to all nearby enemies). You could "heal" any lost bugs by feeding on the refuse and corpses in your wake.
This one is awesome. Do this one @WAVELIGHTGAMES.
The Android

Low agility but high stamina/toughness
Able to self-repair after combat
Extremely versatile but with low charisma
More popular than other classes yet much less supported by game developers
Unable to win the contest
I see what you did there.

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The Blob:

Has no skills or attack at the start of a round.
The first physical attack to hit The Blob at the start of a round becomes The Blob's physical attack for the rest of the round
Each non physical attack that hits The Blob, up to a total of 5 attacks, become The Blob's special actions for the rest of the round
The Blob has a significant damage reduction applied until 2 turns after absorbing its first attack or ability

Levelling up applies a modifier to the absorbed physical attacks

Depending on usage, this character could be extremely powerful and versatile or totally useless

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character: the bigly

class: dinosaur

abilities: can distract enemies with tweet like powers that scatter those in range 4 squares and adds a d6+1 confusion for the next 2 rounds

weaknesses: vunerable to golden globe attacks. can only use one handed weapons due to unusually small hands

his motto: lets make rpg great again


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