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Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:15 pm

The iOS debacle and the nonexistent cloud / export savegame mentality is what slowly kills the plattform for me as a "true" gaming device.
100% agreed. I had been considering for a while whether to try to save up for an ipad pro--I'm old, and the larger screen would be nicer on my eyes. But the constant ios updates and apple shenanigans related to gaming have made the decision for me. It's clear I can't rely on anything apple as a supported gaming device. So if I decide to upgrade from my current ipad, it will be with whatever I can get on the secondary market that runs the new releases easily.
I really really hope the new midrange iPad (Pro or Air or whatever) arrives in march BEFORE iOS 11 hits late I at least don't have to let go of all 32bit stuff yet...
True. I agree that this is the way to think right now. Whatever I get in the future (if anything), it will be with an OS that runs 32bit (ie: not 11). Though I wonder whether a homebrew ios will crop up after the 11 release to allow for 32-bit? Not being a coder, I don't know how feasible that would be.


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