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Review: Flick Heroes

Sat Jul 08, 2017 1:00 pm

There are two kinds of freemium games: one where the payment apparatus is designed to support the game, and one where a game apparatus is design to support payments. ... ck-heroes/

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Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:11 am

"Timers will get in your way, increasing geometrically as your upgrades become more powerful"

Geometrically? What does that mean? :O

"Let's all take a moment to appreciate Blizzard's inspired division of combat labor into tanks, DPS and healers, which now seems bog-standard in party-based RPGs"

EverQuest did this many years before Blizzard even thought of doing a mmo. You could probably argue this concept originated in pen&paper rpgs depending on your definition

One thing is for sure, Blizzard had nothing to do with the invention of the concept

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Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:01 am

Great game for kids - my 7yo loved it.

It's tragic that rating/discussing the IAP is necessary but...this one is not bad. It's a timer system, but it works in the background. I haven't spent a penny nor watched an ad. It didn't slow us down as we just kept playing and eventually got a level up messages. The IAP isn't that insane - we're not talking Marvel here. Character unlock for $2.99 ea but...they're really not needed.

It's nice that the free characters include both 2 male and 2 female heroes.

Silly fun...not a brain stretcher nor a skill tester nor a deep game of strategy, but we giggled a lot.


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