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Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:13 pm

Corporate Double Agent:

I would love to see a true cloaking scout class. In other sci-fi strategy games ???stealth??? units are rolling against detection of other units, but still have to effectively walk outside of their range of site to remain undetected.

I would like to see a class that (at the highest levels) has a guaranteed successful cloak so that it can, by itself, go out and reveal areas of the map. It would obviously need to be very, very weak in its attack values in comparison to other classes, and the cloak can only last a certain number of turns, and then would need to have a cool down.

Combining this with the ability to hack terminals, and shut down enemy abilities would make up for have low attack values. This would allow the unit to be highly valuable in a team and as a soloist, and would make the player weigh the risks of sending out one of their most valuable units on its own.


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My class would be a support/demolition character "The Deconstructor" who would specialize in altering the environment. It could tear holes in walls, cut power to confuse enemies, open locked doors, sett traps or even create cover for it's teammates in a pinch.


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Android please!

I always like playing as shape-shifting classes - ability to change modes or abilities to add versatility to a party. So in a sci fi setting perhaps a robot or alien that can take on different power sets depending on the shifting needs of the level. I'd call it a Morphbot.

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Re: Return of the Giveaway: Strike Team Hydra - Enter Now!

Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:53 pm

Chameleon class. Has the ability to impersonate one of the enemy soldiers within range for a limited number of turns. As it progresses that time limit and range increases, the cool down decreases, and perhaps it could even gain the ability to copy skills from multiple enemy troops at the same time.

iOS if chosen, please.

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Android please!

I think a science fiction ranger would be an interesting choice for this game. It could specialize in tracking enemies and hunting them and get bonuses to do those against a chosen species of alien or enemy. They would also be experts at ranged combat.

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I know many of these games have vision improvement gadgets but I think a totally passive drone or surveyor class would be interesting. Giving some powerful bonuses to other units and giving the player enhanced scouting at the cost of a team slot.


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Sounds like fun. My class suggestion? Influenced by sci-fi author Rudy Rucker, I'll call them "Ruckers" (since somebody else suggested "Technomancer", my first choice. This class would be able to and in fact would seek out robotic or synthetic parts and, at the high end, interface with them through direct biological modifications. Think piercings gone mad. The thing that could make this class interesting would be that as their abilities increase, there's an increasing chance of "redlining" themselves, causing a complete biological shutdown.

Thank for the opportunity to contribute! (iOS user)

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Re: Return of the Giveaway: Strike Team Hydra - Enter Now!

Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:52 pm

Specialist with traps and alarms. Able to set or disarm
Also can he can gain ability to turn off bots for a short period of time of permanantly depending on level

iOS version for me


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I would like the Android version please.

I would like to see a gunslinger class, which can dual wield pistols for short range attack, and either a sniper rifle or grenades for long range attack.

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I also like the idea of a short range double pistol gunslinger class. Also a sapper class. Plant traps, setup turrets, disarm enemy traps.



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