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Review: Prison Architect

Tue May 30, 2017 2:15 pm

It's a big year for prison. At least as far as mobile gaming is concerned. A couple months ago The Escapists launched on mobile and put you in the shoes... ... architect/

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Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:27 pm

How about posting in the review regarding how it only supports VERY minimal devices and cannot be played on phones. To be honest, that is bull. For it to be called Prison Architect Mobile, means that it should be able to be played on mobile devices, phones included. The company that Introversion turned it over to just lost out to making a crap-ton of money, because they restrict it to so little devices. Most people out there that have the game on PC/Game Consoles, etc and have followed the actual Introversion Developers since the beginning of the game are screwed out of the mobile version unless they go out and buy more expensive devices than the ones that they already have.

And here is the funny part: According to Google Play, ... tect&hl=en, the game is compatible with Android versions 4.4+, with right now most of the devices that people have are on later versions of the OS. The game only has 50,000-100,000 installs, out of billions of people that actually have mobile devices. Another thing is, the developers, Paradox Plaza, does not even list what the actual requirements for the game are, such as RAM, minimal screen size, storage space, etc. This is way to restrictive to only allow a handful of devices that most people do not have for it to be played on. Especially when most of the phones that are coming out, have the capability (RAM, Screen size-which can be figured into the game configuration file) to be able to play the game.

Being this restrictive is what is costing them by earning more as I said above. And of course, you will have those people out there that will just find a way to "crack" the game to allow more devices for it to be played on. It is pretty horrible that some Android enthusiasts have to go to the lengths of purchasing the game, just to crack it to allow others to play the game and then purchase it through the device. And if you are able to install it to a so-called "incompatible" device, it does not allow you sometimes, to install resources for the game, because it states that you have not purchased the game.

In my honest opinion, that is going to end up costing the developers of the MOBILE game a whole lot of headaches when the ones that have actually been able to purchase the game and SHOULD be able to install it to whatever devices that they have as long as the device is 4.4+.

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