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The Best Free Miniature Wargame Rules

Wed Jan 15, 2020 3:33 pm

When the Boss asked me what I was going to write about this week, I suggested a review of a new set of miniature wargaming rules provided free as part... ... ame-rules/

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Wed Jan 15, 2020 6:31 pm

If you do a list for the desktop publishing crowd I would recommend adding "The Perfect Captain" although the artwork on the rules, cards and counters of the various games could well be professionally done. A variety of rules for different periods are available (my favorites are Hoplomachia (Peloponnesian War) and A Coat of Steel (WoTR)).

Link to website:

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Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:28 pm

I would recommend One Page Rules ( as a solid collection of free miniatures rules for fantasy and 40k with full army lists. They also recently re-released their one off rule sets for green army men, car combat, deathball and others.

Also, similar to WOG, Ares naval combat Sails of Glory and Battlestar Galactica ship combat games have free rules. Although similar to Wings of Glory, there are lots of game pieces required to play that aren't included and would make playing it without the base game difficult.

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Tue Jan 28, 2020 5:42 pm

Super article Bill , would it be possible for someone to do a piece on the current onepagerules with maybe a little bit of info of how it plays and how to play it ?

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Re: <t>The Best Free Miniature Wargame Rules</t>

Sun May 17, 2020 7:05 pm

Thanks for mentioning my Twilight of the Sun King (2001 version).

Folk might also be interested in my latest offering: Tilly's Very Bad Day - Fast Play Rules for the Thirty Years War. It is free to download as a PDF.

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Fri Dec 25, 2020 1:16 am

Actually... scribd's proprietary PDF format can easily be changed. Find the book in your android's file browser, and try opening as PDF. If it works, rename to something.pdf and you've got a portable copy. Basically, it IS a PDF, just doesn't have an extension that automatically associates it with PDF software.


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