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Review: Partia 3: Knight of Partia

Wed Feb 20, 2019 4:11 pm

You may never read another app description as resigned as Partia 3's. The developer, Dustin, laments the financial failures of the previous two entries, the cost of his vacations and... ... of-partia/

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Wed Feb 20, 2019 6:03 pm

I'll offer a counterpoint to this review, which I don't think is a "bad" review, but I do think it misses some things that make this game -much- better than 2 stars.

As a lifelong Fire Emblem fan, I will also state my potential bias--this game is a near-perfect homage to the old Fire Emblem games of the Gameboy era. If you never played those and are coming to this with the hope that it will be like the more modern FE Echoes or what have you, then you will be disappointed, I'm sure.

Those of us who remember the older FE games fondly will take to Partia 3 quickly, but those of us who just love turn-based strategy games will also find a lot to appreciate and enjoy here. There are over 30 missions/maps in this game (including some hidden/optional), with most of them taking 45 minutes to over an hour to complete. That's both a LOT of gameplay and a lot of variety. Adding to the variety is that the missions are diverse--you rescue characters, you try to escape from one end of the map to the other, and of course you crush opposing armies. And that's just in the first 5 or 6 missions.

Like the real Fire Emblem games, there is perma-death, and there are villagers to meet and get items from, and there are lots of political aspects to the story. Though Richard seemed non-plussed by the story, I found it engrossing and epic. Yes, there are typos and grammatical issues, and they can be distracting, but they certainly don't ruin the story by any means (English is not he game's creator's first language; I find it all the more impressive that he's written so much story as he did, knowing that).

I agree that there could be a better "guide" to how to use each character class--their specialties and such. But you figure this out as the game goes along, and if you've played a lot of FE in the past, you have a good sense of this going in.

Unlike Richard, I found the AI challenging, especially as the game went along. It became genuinely challenging not to lose characters in battles, which is the hallmark of FE. Yes, the AI periodically uses tried and true strategies, but there are also times when it does something unexpected. I in no way felt the game was easy, and if anyone does, the difficulty level can be adjusted.

To Richard's point about the multiple taps necessary for each action--yes, that can be tedious, and it did start to wear on me a bit. But only a little. This isn't a game that you're quickly hurrying through anyway--it's a truly tactical affair where each step must often be carefully planned.

One thing I enjoyed about this more than the old FE titles is the simplicity of resupplying your troops between battles. There's a screen with access to different shops as well as interactions with locals. In the old FE games, shops appeared in-battle, which made stocking up sometimes challenging. A merchant was eventually added, which helped, but Partia's system feels better still as a player.

I give this game 4 stars. It's challenging, it has hours and hours of gameplay, and it offers enough variety to keep things interesting. The story is wide-reaching (even if it may be a little hard to read at times), and the management of weapons/characters/armor, etc is satisfying. Yes, the graphics are old-school, but a lot of highly polished games go in for that sort of look and get lauded for it. And yes, the learning curve can be a little daunting at the very start, but I think most strategy gamers will have no issues.

In all, the enormous effort by this developer deserves to be recognized, and this game deserves to be played. For fans of this site and the genre it represents, I think this is a great title with a lot of value for money.

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Thu Feb 21, 2019 5:43 pm

Despite the shortcomings and limited appeal, I'm not aware of any alternative if you're looking for a mainline Fire Emblem-like game on mobile.

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Thu Feb 21, 2019 7:12 pm

I'll offer a counterpoint to this review, which I don't think is a "bad" review, but I do think it misses some things that make this game -much- better than 2 stars.
Thanks for your thoughts Biff! Always appreciate a good counter-point :)
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