Genshin Impact Yae Sakura – everything we know

Who is Genshin Impact’s Yae Sakura?

A girl with rabbit ears against a scenic background

If you happened to tune in to the Chinese Genshin Impact 1.5 livestream, you may have noticed a pink-haired character make her debut during the Inazuma segment. Honkai Impact 3rd players quickly noticed this chibi girl bore a striking resemblance to a fan-favourite character: Yae Sakura.

It’s unclear right now whether Genshin Impact’s Yae Sakura will be the same character as seen in Honkai Impact 3rd. However, it is believed Mihoyo may have teased her on Twitter in the past as being the chief priest of the Grand Narukami Shrine in Inazuma, though she did have a slightly different name: Guuji Yae.

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What is Yae Sakura’s release date?

At the moment, we are unsure if Yae Sakura will even become a playable Genshin Impact character. However, if she launches alongside the Inazuma region, we may not have long to wait for a concrete answer.

Who is Genshin Impact’s Guuji Yae?

Guuji Yae was teased in a tweet from Mihoyo to celebrate the new year in 2020. According to the Genshin Impact wiki, “she is an ‘old friend’ of Morax and Baal, and is acquainted with Ganyu.”

Who is Yae Sakura in Honkai Impact 3rd?

This Honkai Impact character had a difficult upbringing after a barbaric ritual took the life of her sister. Her primary weapon is a Tachi, and she is voiced by Sakura Ayane.

That’s all we know about Genshin Impact’s Yae Sakura as of now. Make sure you keep this page bookmarked, as we will update it with any further information we receive on the potential new character.

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