The best golf games on Switch and mobile 2023

With our best golf games on Switch and mobile, whether you want to take to the tee with Tiger, or lay off over a lake with Luigi, we've got you covered.

Golf games: A male golfer with a goatie beard wearing a white cap, a pink striped polo shirt, and black shorts with a white belt is mid-swing on a golf course in PGA Tour 2K21.

Golf games are a certified staple of the sports sim genre. With the first chip-and-putt challenges dating back to the NES era, a lot has changed over twenty-five years on the fairway. The modern golfing gamer can expect high-quality mechanics, stunning settings, and a surprising amount of storytelling for a genre based on thwacking tiny white balls with all of your might. Our list of the best golf games on Switch and mobile has everything you need to settle in for eighteen holes, though we can’t promise you’ll make it under par. 

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With that out of the way, let’s hit the fairway with the best golf games on Switch and mobile:

What The Golf

It’s hard to find words to accurately describe What The Golf. The title takes the mini-golf format and blows it into incredible proportions, with challenges that make you laugh as hard as they make you think. While it doesn’t offer anything even close to the traditional golfing experience, it’s a nice change of pace to play through the wacky stealth missions, the Portal homage levels, and inexplicably, a whole in-game world dedicated to crab golf. Yes, crab golf.

golf games super star Mario on the cover of his game

Mario Golf: Super Rush

It’s only par for the course to include Nintendo’s putting plumber in our picks for the best golf games. With a wide roster of classic Mushroom Kingdom characters, you can take on the imaginative courses of Mario Golf: Super Rush with your favourite, and watch as Bowser struggles to make it out of a bunker. Even better still, the latest Mario Golf game has an online mode that competes with even the most popular and polished golf sims, so you can take your swinging skills into a competitive environment. 

Cover art for Golf Story, one of the breakout switch golf games

Golf Story

One of the breakaway indie titles of the early Switch era, Golf Story is a golfing RPG teeming with charisma and charm, without sacrificing any mechanical depth. The game manages to pay homage to the golf games of the SNES with a diverse landscape of picturesque pixelated courses, and a cast of hilarious characters to keep you busy in between rounds. If you haven’t picked it up ahead of the release of the sequel, Sports Story, now is the time.

WGT Golf screenshot, one of the more realistic golf games

WGT Golf

The most realistic golf experience on mobile, WGT Golf throws you into the life of a pro as you challenge yourself at Pebble Beach, Wolf Creek, and over fifteen other legendary courses. There’s no shortage of customisation either, as you have complete control over your closet, your collection of clubs, and even your caddy. So, if you’re looking to kill time on the ride between holes on the back nine, there’s no better way than with WGT golf.

PGA Tour 2K21

Still the big daddy of golf sims, without any addition in 2022, PGA Tour 2K21 is the golfer’s golf game. It’s by far the most realistic sim on our list, with tight swing controls, all the courses you could ever hope to play, and a stellar lineup of the world’s top tee-off talent. While it does miss out on some of the fun additions from the PGA Tiger Woods glory days, PGA Tour is still the best way of experiencing the game of golf in its purest form.

golf with friends cover art, one of the multiplayer golf games

Golf With Your Friends

If you want to recreate fun nights with pals putting at the local mini-golf course, Golf With Your Friends is the game for you. There are no-frills here, and no story either, just a collection of novelty courses to frustrate you and your friends, and provide a fun time for a couple of hours. You can also adorn your golf balls with a collection of customisation options, including for some reason, a poop hat. You don’t see that at the Masters.

promo art for Golf Clash, one of the most popular free golf games

Golf Clash

For a free-to-play golfing challenge, Golf Clash is one of the better titles. With a massive player base of pitching professionals, you can test your own hazard-avoiding mettle as you take on 1-on-1 challenges against other players. If you like your golf played fast, and don’t mind sacrificing some realism, Golf Clash is perfect for a quick back nine anytime you have a spare five minutes. 

There you have it, all the golf games you can swing a club at on Switch and mobile. For more competitive action, but at a much higher speed, take a browse of our list for the best racing games on mobile and the best Switch racing games