The best tips and tricks for Fortnite Battle Royale on mobile

By Mike Stubbsy 28 Mar 2018 5

Battle royale sensation Fortnite has parachuted onto mobile in all its glory. While it’s iOS only for the moment (and invite only, at that), Android support is on its way. The fact that this is the same game, pretty much feature-for-feature, on a phone is a bit mind-boggling. It could also potentially herald great things for the future of mobile gaming.

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Whether you’re a victory royale veteran, or someone discovering Fortnite Battle Royale for the first time, playing on mobile is quite the unique experience. The smaller screen, lower quality visuals and fancy touch controls totally change the way you must play what is essentially a third-person shooter, one that can get pretty intense at that.

Fortunately for you, we have been grinding away at the mobile version for quite a few days, which pretty much makes us experts at this point. Here’s our best Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks for mobile...

Controls refresher

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Limit your long-distance fighting

This partly comes down to the current Fortnite meta across all platforms, but even more so on mobile you shouldn’t really look to be fighting at range. Even on PC & console it isn’t ideal with the power of shotguns, the poor accuracy of most auto rifles, and the ease of movement.

Playing on another platform you probably have at least 18 inches of screen to look at, with all those high-quality pixels allowing you to spot every bit of movement. On mobile that real-estate could shrink to something like 4 inches with an iPhone SE. That movement becomes much more difficult to spot, meaning keeping track of opponents at a distance is near impossible. The touch controls also make it much harder to hit long distance shots without a scoped weapon. Practice fighting close up and you are good to go.


Don’t be afraid to build

Building is key to success in Fortnite Battle Royale, allowing you to travel across terrain quickly, get the drop on opponents and keep you safe when caught out. The touch controls on the mobile version are a little trickier than other versions since you have to move your hand away moving and/or shooting to select your building type, once you get some practise it becomes reasonably simple.

We have seen so many people on iOS only servers not build anything when they really should, and it almost always results in an early death. From your first match you should be using that building menu; use it in safe places to start with, and then when you’ve mastered it create some high ground so you can drop down from above and shotgun a foe in the face. Trust us - it feels great.


Auto run is really useful

Real estate on your screen is at a premium on mobile, as those big ol’ thumbs will take up a lot of room. The positioning of your digits usually means you won’t miss too much, but there is always a chance some loot or even an enemy, manages to go undetected thanks to being covered up. This is where autorun comes in.

Double tapping the virtual joystick used to move around will keep your character running forward until you take back control. This frees up screen space to use for scouting the area, and you can still move around by changing your camera angle to turn. Of course, once a fight breaks out you’ll need to take back control right away: strafing, jumping and climbing all needs extra precision that simple running doesn’t.


There may be visual clues, but still play with sound if possible

The most obvious new addition to the mobile version is visual indicators for footsteps, gunshots and chests, as well a direction indicator. It’s a wonderfully clear and obvious addition to the UI, and boy is it useful.

Being able to know exactly the direction footsteps are coming from allows you to instantly target whoever is around the corner. It also allows you to plant those traps in places you know they will be.

That doesn’t mean sound isn’t useful though. It can help identify what specific weapon or weapon class is being shot, and other subtler clues that a simple UI tweak can’t provide. Obviously don’t be that person with sound coming out of the speakers in public, but in private or with headphones having sound will give you that extra edge.

That’s it from us - do you have any tips or tricks of your own you want to share? Post them in the comments below, and otherwise have fun!



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