Fortnite: Chapter 2 Building Tips on iOS & Android

By Collin MacGregor 07 Nov 2019 0

Fortnite is still (probably) the biggest video game in the world right now. Thanks to its addictive take on the battle royale genre, thousands of players drop onto a colorful island in an attempt to be the last man standing. While this formula is nothing new, Fortnite’s unique building mechanic allows users to construct geometrical masterpieces in order to block bullets, gain a height advantage, or just traverse the environment.

However, this can be quite tricky on the mobile port as the controls are not as fluid. Even though building is not as common on this version, it’s still critical that users master this skill when taking the fight on the go. Here are some tips to help improve your building in Fortnite: Chapter 2's mobile version.

Fortnite Build 5

How to Build in Fortnite Chapter 2

For the unfamiliar, you are only able to build in Fortnite Chapter 2's mobile version if the tool button is pressed. This can be found in the middle of the screen to the right of your inventory. The icon is of a hammer and wrench but will swap to one of a gun when you change to the building menu. Once you’re in the building menu just select which of the structure types you want to make. Then all you need to do is tap the screen to build that item of your choice.

Pick the Right Sensitivity

When you start Fortnite the sensitivity will be set to 40. This is a generally good sensitivity, but we don’t recommend going any higher than 45. Playing on a mobile device can be difficult since it’s difficult to precisely aim or place structures. Don't ratchet up the sensitivity too high otherwise you'll have a harder time playing. We found that between 35 and 40 is the sweet spot, but you will want to fiddle with it until you're comfortable. There is no perfect sensitivity, spend some time experimenting with different settings.

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Playground Mode is Your Best Friend

The single best mode to learn how to build is the new Playground Mode. Unlike the traditional battle royale modes, you can just run around the entire island by yourself - which is hadny, becaues there's a brand new island to explore now in Chapter 2. Resource gathering is increased and all of the loot llamas spawn across the map. This means you can quickly gather resources and just practice building different types of structures. It's a great way to not only familiarize yourself with the controls but practice constructing cover quickly.

We strongly recommend you go into Playground Mode and just learn to build. It will help commit making certain structures to muscle memory and give you a better chance in battle. This is also a wonderful place to work on your aim, quickly swapping between weapons, or getting a general handle on the movement controls.

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Be Practical, Not Fancy

During battles in Fortnite: Chapter 2 some players get in the habit of trying to produce excessively elaborate structures in order to turn the tide of battle. While there’s nothing wrong with this on other platforms, building in Fortnite: Chapter 2 mobile is fairly awkward. A lot of this is thanks to users needing to use three fingers at the same time if they want to build, look, and move at the same time. Because of this, sometimes it’s better to just stand still and quickly construct a small base around you.

One of the best structures to get into the habit of quickly assembling is made up of four walls and a ramp. Despite seeming quite basic, it offers a decent amount of protection and gives a height advantage in a battle. If you use the Turbo Building feature, then you’ll be able to quickly spin in a circle to produce four walls. Then place down a ramp and jump at the same time. If done correctly you’ll land on top of the ramp as it’s building.

As your confidence in building increases, you’ll be able to quickly assemble a tower like this. Just remember if someone blows up the bottom then the entire structure will collapse. Keep this in mind so you don't fall to your death if the base is blown up.

Fortnite Build 3

Use the Environment

Another great way to turn the tide of a battle is by building up to or extending a structure already in the environment. Quickly constructing a ramp up to a roof and then throwing down several walls can reinforce your position. This is especially true for dropping into suburban locations, where getting onto a roof will let you see around the entire area. You can use floors to quickly build bridges between structures if the location is suited for it. Use this to close the gap in fights or shift locations if you are getting pushed.

In firefights try to make use of natural boundaries to block a foe’s sightlines. Building isn’t always reliable on mobile, so use the world around you to take cover. Once this happens you can quickly construct some cover or a small base so when you enemy pushes they will be at a disadvantage. A single ramp and a wall to connect it to can make a big difference in a fight. It will reduce your visible hitbox and let you fire down at your opponent.

Fortnie Build 2

Use Turbo Building 

Turbo Building is a unique feature that allows players to quickly construct a structure without needing to tap for each piece. To enable Turbo Building go to the settings and then make sure that Turbo Building is switched to 'On.' After this, all you have to do is double tap and hold down to continuously build the structure of your choosing. This is essential for quickly assembling a building if someone jumps you or if a person is destroying your building. Being able to just hold down your thumb and spin to build four walls will give you a needed speed advantage in a fight.

However, the Turbo Building mechanic is also great for just traversing the environment. It’s easy to make a mistake and tap the screen at the wrong time when building a tall ramp or bridge. This can not only mess up your rhythm but kill you via fall damage. Always use the Turbo Building mechanic when constructing multiple structures of the same type. It may take a bit of time to get into the habit of using this mechanic, but make sure to practice during every match.

What would your building tips on mobile be? Let us know in the comments!



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