Beginner's Guide to Harry Potter Wizards Unite

By Aimee Hart 04 Jul 2019 0

Recently, Harry Potter hasn’t always had the best games to offer to its fans, especially on mobile. Taking one quick look at Hogwarts Mystery should be more than enough proof that it’s been incredibly hit-and-miss with one of the world’s most beloved franchises.

Wizard Unite's first special event is now live, if you want to check out the details.

Whether Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will change that remains to be seen. As for me, I’m personally having a blast roaming up and down my street, trying to be the best magic user that the world has ever seen and showing up Harry Potter in the process. That’s for being an arse in the Cursed Child, you tyrant!

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But being the best is trickier than it looks, and if you’re not used to mobile games that feature a heavy amount of AR, as well as other time-consuming mechanics that Wizards Unite employs, you may feel similar to a fish that’s just been flung out of water. Anyone who played Pokémon GO will feel right at home, but for everyone else there’s a lot to do and things can fly way over your head.

So, here are some general tips and tricks that Wizards Unite doesn’t outright tell you, but what you should pay attention to all the same.

Keep an Eye on Your Spell Energy

In Wizards Unite, you’ll probably be completely nonplussed to find out that you have to cast a lot of spells when playing. This is because you’ll be finding traces of magic and foundables, all which will help you level up and progress through the Wizards Unite story.

However, casting spells takes up energy. Spell energy starts at 75 and can be increased by 10 using 150 gold coins to pay for an upgrade or through giving your Vault an extension which costs 475 gold coins but upgrades other things beside your spell energy. Though, the faster way is to upgrade using 150 gold coins.

Spell energy is such a useful commodity in Wizards Unite that without it, you may be waiting around a lot in order to continue playing. To minimize that waiting, we advise you to pay close attention to the glyph on your phone screen because screwing that up still wastes spell energy. So, practice!

Which brings me to my next point: Inns and Greenhouses.

Use Inns and Greenhouses

Inns and Greenhouses may not seem all that important to new players at first, but they have features that are absolutely pivotal to you levelling up and other features, such as regaining spell energy.

We have a more in-depth guide to locations and what they do, if you're interested.

For those who have played Pokémon GO, you’ll see Inns as similar to PokeStops, a place where you can get items. In Wizards Unite, you’ll have to enter Inns by tracing the glyph that appears on your phone screen. If you do so successfully, the inn will reveal itself to you by presenting you with five dishes - which it’ll choose for you at random. After consuming your scrumptious meal, you’ll be rewarded with Spell Energy.

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Greenhouses on the other hand are, in our humble opinion, much more useful than inns. For one, they too can grant you Spell Energy, with the downside being that it isn’t guaranteed to reward you with it, unlike Inns.

That being said, Greenhouses are useful for other things, such as growing ingredients to create potions. These ingredients can be grown or picked up around the map when you’re out walking or playing at home. You may not think potions are worth investing in, but you’d be wrong. Potions are incredibly useful when going up against particularly tricky Foundables, with some lowering the chance of failure whilst others will offer the possibility of more rewards during your success.

Don’t be Afraid to Team Up for Fortresses

Dungeons and Harry Potter shouldn’t really go together, but Wizards Unite is going to try and make it happen anyway.

Fortresses are areas that are found out while you wander throughout the world. When you enter them, you’ll find yourselves in a glorified dungeon that has 20 floors and is filled to the brim with AI monsters that are eager to snap you up. Thankfully, you don’t have to do these fortresses by yourself, as up to 5 players can team up and storm the area.

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A trick for handling the fortress is to be well-stocked and have someone in your party that is at least a little higher level than you. This is because some floors of the fortress have level-restrictions, and you’d fare a lot better having someone more advanced at your side. Potions of your own choice would also do some good, especially if this is your very first time handling a Fortress and you’re going it alone.

Yet, as gnarly as it may sound, Fortresses offer great rewards and if you’re looking to show off your superior wizardry to your friends, there’s no better way to do so.

Maximise your Registry

Keeping an eye on your registry is one of the smartest things you can do. With it, you’ll be able to see what Foundables you’ve managed to collect on your journey, and which ones you’ve still got left to complete. Knowing which ones you’ve got to collect and which ones you haven’t allows you to plot out which Foundables you should be grinding for, and which ones to leave well alone.

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Collecting these Foundables are important as they’ll not only increase your rank but will give you new items too. New items means new things to check out and make your time with Wizards Unite a fun one.

A note on Prestige

By now, you may also have seen references to 'Prestige' or wondered what happens when you complete a page in a registry. It's not obvious, but you can essentially choose to 'reset' the page and level it up. The page will progress up to the next tier (Silver, Gold etc.) and all your entries will reset to zero. From now, you'll have to mind more fragments for each Foundable, but you'll get more Family XP for Foundables from that page. For example, take the first page in the Hogwarts School Registry (DADA Classroom). You'll need yo find the four students ten times each, as opposed to their original one, with the cabinet at the back going up to 12. This will happen every time you Prestige the page, with the number of fragments needed increasing exponentially. Each page's progression will depend on the Foundables within it.

To Prestige a completed page, look out for a symbol with star located to the right of a Page's name within the Registry.

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Check Daily Assignments and SOS Often

It may seem obvious, but Daily Assignments and SOS are one of the biggest ways to get ahead in Wizards Unite. SOS stands for Statue of Secrecy Task Force, and are used to progress the story, as well as the characters and players understanding of the Calamity which has befallen on the Wizarding world.

Daily assignments, however, are the bread and butter to getting great items, as well as essential resources to keep up your momentum in the game. So far, it's the same set of seven assignments every day, each of which is manageable provided you're able to go out at least once for a quick stint and have the right locations around you. Resources that you can get are:

  • 10 Energy
  • 4 Scrolls (split across two challenges)
  • 250 XP
  • 1 Basic Exstimulo Potion
  • 3 Granian Hair (Ingrediant)
  • 10 Gold (split across two challenges)

Turn off AR/Turn On Battery Saver

The AR in Wizards Unite is nothing short of awesome, but it has a problem: it drains your phone incredibly fast. I can play Wizards Unite for a few minutes at 50% only to have it lowered to 20% after I log off the app. It’s annoying and can cause you to turn back on your adventuring to head home and charge, which nobody wants to do if you live in a place that has no inns, greenhouses or fortresses nearby.

So turn off your AR. Yes, it’s pretty but if you’re out and about and you want to progress a fair amount, then turning off your AR, as well as turning on your battery saver, may be the best call. Besides, nothing’s stopping you from turning your AR back on when you’re at home and can use a Portkey. A few extra things to note:

  • The Portkeys, Foundable and Fortress Challenges each have their own separate AR Toggle. Turning it off only for Foundable encounters for example, will mean that you'll still be in AR mod whenever you do a Portkey or a Fortress Wizard Challenge.
  • For Foundables and Challenges at least, turning off AR means you don't have to 'look' to locate what it is you're interacting with - they immediately appear in front you, saving you some time if you're in a hurry or on your way somewhere.

We hope these tips are enough to get you started - let us know if there's anything you're struggling with and we'll try to help!



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