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By Andrew Smith 22 Jan 2020 0

Mario Kart Tour has raced onto mobiles and is bringing a new twist to the beloved kart racing series. With tons of different characters, courses, and karts to unlock, there is plenty of content in the game to keep players entertained for hours. To advance through the cups, however, you need to earn Grand Stars and a great way of squeezing out those extra stars is by completing challenges. There are three types of challenges:

  • Tour Challenges, which rotate every two weeks with the main Tour event and come in two waves
  • Gold Challenges, only for Gold Pass subscribers. These rotate every two weeks.
  • Standard Challenges, which everyone has. These never change, but more may be added on in the future.

Mario Kart Holiday Tour Challenges | Tour Challenges List

Below is a list of all of the current Mario Kart Tour Tour Challenges that are currently in the game. The current tour is the Ice Tour which will end on January 29th. Additionally, in parentheses next to each challenge is the number of stars earned for completing the objective: 

  • Land 3 hits with Green Shells (1)
  • Collect a total of 100 coins (1)
  • Do 150 Mini-Turbo Boosts (1)
  • Take out 5 Sidesteppers (2)
  • Land 30 hits with Bananas using a driver wearing a tie (2)
  • Earn a total score of 20,000 or higher in the Rosalina Cup (2)
  • Get 1st place in a 150cc or higher race 3 times in a row (2)
  • Cause opponents to crash 5 times while underwater (2)
  • Pass through 10 rings created by a Dash Ring item (2)

The second wave of Tour Challenges for the Ice Tour are as follows:

  • Get 1st place three times in a row in races 100cc or above (1)
  • Land 10 hits with Bananas (1)
  • Do a total of 3 Slipstream boosts (1)
  • Land 3 hits with Bob-ombs in a single race (2)
  • Cause opponents to crash 5 times in a single race using a driver with a hat (2)
  • Earn a score of 8,000 or higher on a T course (2)
  • Earn a total score of 50,000 or higher in the Pauline Cup (2)
  • Cause opponents to crash using a Mega Mushroom (2)
  • Clear all of the cups in the Ice Tour (2)

Mario Kart Tour Challenges | Gold Challenges List

These challenges are only available to those who have subscribed to the Gold Pass. These rotate every two weeks and again we've noted how many stars you get for each:

  • Get 1st place in a 200cc or higher race (1)
  • Do 10 Ultra Mini-Turbo boosts (1)
  • Take out 10 snowpeople (1)
  • Get a combo count of x10 or higher (2)
  • Earn a score of 10,000 or higher using a driver with a mustache (2)
  • Cause an opponent to crash while gliding (2)
  • Earn a score of 10,000 or higher on a T course (2)
  • Cause opponents to crash 10 times in Frenzy mode (2)
  • Finish a race by crashing over the finish line (2)

Mario Kart Tour Challenges | Standard Challenges List

Unlike the Gold and Tour challenges, the Standard challenges don't net you Grand Stars, the net you Rubies instead. As a reminder, Rubies is the premium currency you use to fire the Pipe to unlock new characters, karts and accessories. At the time of writing, there are two sets of Standard challenges, and these don't have a time limit:

Standard Challenges 1-1

  • Use 1 point-booster 
  • Use 1 item ticket
  • Complete Coin Rush 1 time
  • Make 3 friends
  • Get 1 item from the Daily Selects section of the Shop
  • Raise 1 driver, kart or glider to skill level 2
  • Raise 1 driver's points to 600 or more
  • Riase 1 kart's points to 300 or more
  • Raise 1 glider's points to 300 or more

Standard Challenges 2-1

  • Collect 10 different drivers
  • Collect 10 different karts or gliders
  • Get 1st place in a race 100 times
  • Land 100 hits with Green Shells
  • Land 30 hits with Bob-ombs
  • Land 200 hits with Bananas
  • Cause opponents to crash 300 times
  • Reach player level 10
  • Reach tier 5

Some of these Mario Kart Tour challenges are self-explanatory, while others are a little bit confusing. If you continue reading, you’ll find some tips to help you complete some of the more difficult objectives.

Mario Kart Tour Challenges | How to play Coin Rush

Mario Kart Tour's Coin Rush mode isn't easy to find, but it's a great way of getting extra coins if you need them. To find Coin Rush simple return to either the main menu or the cup circuit menu and look at the top bar. In the middle you'll see your coin count and a plus (+) symbol. Tap it, and you'll be taken to the Coin Rush screen. You can participate in Coin Rush either by spending a Coin Rush ticket (at the time of writing there's no known way of getting these), or by spending Rubies.

The amount of rubies you spend depends on the multiplier you get on the coins you collect. Five rubies gives you a x2 multiplayer, ten rubies a x6 and 25 rubies a x10. With a minimum of 300 coins, going up to the max multiplier can net you at least 3000 coins, which is a nice haul.

Mario Kart Tour Challenges | How to Jump Boost 

While it may sound like you have to do something special, performing a Jump Boost in Mario Kart Tour is actually pretty simple. The truth is, all you need to do is play the game and Jump Boosts will be completed naturally.

Almost every time a player goes airborne, a Jump Boost will be performed. This means any ramps, logs, sewer tops, or other obstacle that will send a player into the air will likely result in a Jump Boost. You’ll know that you have performed a Jump Boost because your player will do some type of trick in the air and when they hit the ground, you will get a short speed boost.

Mario Kart Tour Challenges | How to Activate Frenzy Mode

Players can activate Frenzy Mode by getting three of the same items from an Item Box. During Frenzy mode, you’ll be able to use the item that you obtained as many times as you want by tapping the screen repeatedly. Even better, once you have activated Frenzy Mode, you’ll be invincible during the Frenzy. 

Mario Kart Tour Frenzy

Unfortunately, the only thing you can do to have a chance at activating Frenzy Mode in Mario Kart Tour is to choose a racer that favors a specific course. You can find out a driver’s favorite courses by going into the settings and selecting Drivers. From there, you can hold your finger down a specific driver to see which courses they favor. 

When you’re looking through a Drivers preferences, look for the section that says, “Get three items per Item Box.” Racing on any of these courses with that specific driver will give you a chance at activating Frenzy Mode. 

Mario Kart Tour Challenges | How to Take Out Pipes

Perhaps one of the most confusing Mario Kart Tour challenges will require players to know how to take out pipes. This is referring to the green pipes that appear on some courses, which often end up slowing players down.

Mario Kart Tour Pipe

Turns out, there is a way to destroy these green pipes, which will be required to complete the Tour Challenges 1 set. There are a couple of different items that can be used to take out pipes, like a Bowser Shell or the Mega Mushroom. If you want the Bowser Shell and don’t have Bowser unlocked, you’ll need some Rubies to try to unlock him from the prize pipe.

However, we prefer the Mega Mushroom, simply because it seem easier to get than a Bowser Shell. We also suggest racing on Mario Circuit 1, as there are tons of green pipes in the course. In our experience, it’s easier to get the Mega Mushroom when you are in 6th-8th place. If you’re serious about completing this Mario Kart Tour challenge, slow down a bit and let everyone else get in front of you, and odds are you’ll find yourself with a Mega Mushroom, which you can use to take out the green pipes.

We'll try to keep this guide updated as the game matures. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments!



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