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2018 is well underway. Over half-way, in fact, and there's still plenty more awesome titles expected to arrive between now and December 31st. Below is an up-to-date list of all of the best new mobile games due out before the end of the year. Some of these are more wishful than others, so don't be surprised if you see some games turn up on 2019's list as well. Let us know if you spot any others!

Bad North (RTS)

Bad North is a real-time tactics game where you'll defend your kingdom from waves of Viking invaders. Between fights for the very survival of your realm you'll have to gather precious resources and negotiate the aid of your nobles and commoners to stay in the fight. The game looks beautiful, is clearly a potential game-of-the-year contender and is one of the games I'm most looking forward to this year. There's no firm release date but Bad North is coming to mobile (and we may have to consider knocking it off this list), but it's due out on PC via Discord's new game store later this year.

Exodus: Proxima Centauri (Boardgame)

This game has been MIA since last summer, which is why we've left it off the list for the moment. It now makes a triumphant return because the Steam release launched mid-august, and we're currently optimistic that we'll see at least one mobile version before the end of the year - probably iOS. Exodus is an adaptation of the 4X sci-fi board game of the same name - up to six players compete for dominance in the same system. You need to build up your faction, research new tech, engage in dominance and diplomacy... it's a game that doesn't pull punches, and we can't wait!

Exodus Head

Command and Conquer: Rivals (RTS)

Fans were stunned, awed and a little concerned when Rivals showed its face as the next entry of the classic series. Right now details are a little scarce, aside from the promise to see some familiar faces and engage in whirlwind base-building and battle. The visuals are already incredibly polished, and while its nerve-wracking seeing a legacy series carried forward, this game has the potential to be a killer distillation of the iconic C&C experience.


Dungeon Warfare 2 (Tower Defence)

Dungeon Warfare is my pick for the best tower-defense game on mobile. If you haven't tried it and enjoy the genre, you really ought to remedy that, if for no other reason than to get ready for the sequel. Dungeon Warfare 2 has been in development for some time and will be released to Steam this year. Hopefully, we'll see a mobile release as well as was the case with the first Dungeon Warfare. Dungeon Warfare 2 will include over 60 maps, 12 unit types, 6 traps, and 3 different skill trees.

Donut County (Puzzle)

If Seinfeld is a show about nothing, Donut County is a game about nothing. The ‘hero’ is literally a hole lurking and swimming across the surface of L.A., land of fantastic donuts and pending seismic disaster. The ‘whole’ game ‘circles’ around swallowing various objects, growing larger and holey-er and solving puzzles by interacting with the environment. The novelty of its central mechanic (here as elsewhere described as a Katamari Damacy in reverse) is strong. Its irreverent, off-the-cuff tone as delivered by a raccoon narrator and soft-poly aesthetic point to a wonderful game.

donut county3

Epic Card Game (Card Game)

White Wizard Games has become a competitive-card-game behemoth. So much so that they only have to hint at a Kickstarter and it is instantly fully backed. Well, not quite, but pretty close. Their digital version of Epic Card Game has been in alpha testing for a few months and is on track for a 2018 release to both iOS and Android. Like their previous titles, Epic is a buy once and have all the cards you need for sealed, draft, and constructed for up to four players. There are even preconstructed decks to start with and modify.


Nowhere Prophet (Card Game/Roguelike)

Nowhere Prophet one is a doozy and a little secretive. The dark horse of this race, if you will. In the game, post-apocalyptic leaders trek across a scabrous landscape to gather supporters and supplies, occasionally clashing with foes or environmental dangers. This card game has grid-based combat as well procedurally generated encounters. It’s a card-battler roguelike, essentially, with a unique setting and what seems to be a robust battle system. It's due to hit steam in Q3 this year, although no word on when the mobile versions are due out.

nowhere prophet

Evolution (Boardgame)

Evolution is a bit of a strange beast. It isn’t quite directly competitive but at time the kinds of nature and ecosystems it simulates can be punishing and downright hostile. Eating the last scrap of food or eating your opponents, it certainly embodies survival of the fittest. If the devblog is any indication, the digital version should be as lovely and clearly presented as the original. They’ve taken their time perfecting the interface, and now Evolution is ready for its next form, to be released next month.


Heaven’s Vault (Interactive Fiction)

Inkle (of 80 Days interactive fiction fame) has been teasing their mechanically ambitious Heaven’s Vault for some time now. An archeologist-slash-xenolinguist explores the dusty remains of an alien civilization on an unknown planet, with a vivid backdrop of sienna sand and celestial blue. There’s some pretty nifty procedural tricks behind the code-breaking and translation, and while its approach to storytelling is a little less handcrafted, it has the potential to have even more surprises and replayability than the globe-trotting 80 Days.

heavens vault

Lord of the Rings Living Card Game (Card Game)

Fantasy Flight Interactive is working on a Lord of the Rings living-card game. It is coming to Early Access on Steam sometime in Q3 with a full release to follow later this year. Lord of the Rings: The Living Card Game will be free-to-play with in-app purchases of non-random packs to add more cards with which to play. Mobile releases haven't been officially announced, but there are Apple and Android logos in the video reveal, so we know they are coming. 2018 may be a longshot though.


Night in the Woods (Interactive Fiction)

In Night in the Woods, an anxious young critter comes home to a town, down in the dumps and feeling like a fresh failure. Sometimes just relating to others who care about you is an effort, or your childhood town strange as much as comforting. Oh, and there’s something dark and sinister afoot in the woods. Animal characters with human struggles, empathetic storylines and moving dialogue combine to create one of the best indie games of the past few years. It’s conversation-based gameplay and touch-and-go interactions.

night in the woods

Monster Slayers (Card Game)

It’s a deck builder. It’s a roguelike. It's one of the best games of 2017. Monster Slayers is heavily influenced by Dream Quest and, for my money, is a better game. It's coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PS Vita this spring and the developer has confirmed mobile is on the docket. Whether we can get our hands on it yet in 2018 is TBD.

Monster Slayers2


EVE: War of Ascension (MMO)

The game that launched a million spreadsheets, space-based MMO Eve Online, is getting a mobile spinoff. Formerly known as 'Project Aurora', Ascension will be based in the same universe as EVE but will not be integrated into the existing game. CCP have partnered up with Kongregate to publish the game, and you can glean some insights as to how the project will be made here. While it's supposed to have the same open world, player-driven gameplay as the PC game, it's being specifically designed for a wider audience. It is expected to release to both iOS and Android later this year, although it has already soft-launched in the Phillipines.


Scythe (Boardgame/Strategy)

Slowly but surely all of the most-popular tabletop games are making their way to digital, and Scythe is on that list. The game is set in the alternate-history 1920+ universe where mechs and other mechanicals exist side-by-side with agrarian society. Each player acts as a leader of a faction seeking to bring it to glory and success. Asmodee Digital is at the helm of this port, and a mobile port is expected sometime this year. It's already in Steam's Early Access program.


Terraforming Mars (Boardgame/Strategy)

Yet another Asmodee digital title on its way is Terraforming Mars, and it should be a big one. Set 500 years in the future the game is all about the race to colonize Mars and out greed your fellow space-faring corporations. The tabletop game is perhaps the most popular board game still without a digital variant, but not for long. Transforming Mars is coming to iOS, Android, and Steam sometime this year, and will probably hit Steam Early Access first.


Void Tyrant (Card Game/RPG)

Do you dig Solitairica and other cool card/RPG/roguelike hybrids? If so, Void Tyrant is one worth watching for later this year. In Void Tyrant you pick a hero from a number of classes and head out to explore a chaotic galaxy. The graphics look good and combat has an interesting twist where either you or your opponent gets to do damage based on a Black Jack style showdown with special skills and items to monkey with the results. Void Tyrant is coming in Q4 for iOS and Android. It'll be free-to-play by the developer cites "no annoying timers" so hopefully the monetization will be player friendly.

Seen anything else you're excited for on the horizon? We'll be keeping this list updated as the year progresses, so make sure you check back every couple of months!



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