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Now that's it's officially out in the open, it's time to talk about rerolling in Pokemon Masters. For those new to “gatcha” mobile games, ‘re-rolling’ means restarting your game account to get the most out of the starting resources these games use to hook you in, including gems and the Pokemon themselves.

You want to pull either multiple 5-star units, or at least one of the top-tier units before settling into your account to give you the easiest time going forward after the easy gems start to dry up.

Don’t forget to check out our tips guide for general advice on getting started in Pokemon Masters.

How To Reroll in Pokemon Masters

We’ll get to the ‘why’ you want to reroll in a moment, but actually deleting your account to start the reroll process is fairly easy. To do so, just tap the menu in the bottom right of the main game screen, and tap the Account button in the bottom right corner of that. You’ll want to hit Delete Account and go through the motions.

After a bit of waiting around, you’ll be tossed back to the start-up screen where you can tap in to start fresh.

pokemon masters reroll guide

Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Reroll in Pokemon Masters?

Rerolling in Pokemon Masters is a tougher sell than most other games of its kind, as there’s very little incentive to save copious amounts of gems, and virtual no safety net against bad luck. It's a practice that can quickly suck the fun out of a game, but if you're planning to play Pokemon Masters for a long while, rerolling is something to consider.

The main ‘pro’ is the potential early game advantages and value for your time investment. With how little free gems the game tosses at you early on, it’s tempting to aim for the best sync pair scout draws you can get and simply restart and repeat the process if it doesn’t go well. Since you’ve just started, you don’t have to worry about lost progress.

It’s suggested to aim for around 4-5 single scouts before rerolling. If you don't get a 5-star unit during this initial burst, delete your account and start fresh. It costs 300 Gems to perform a single pull and 3000 for a 10 pull, meaning there's absolutely no reason to do a 10 scout for anything more than the sake of convenience.

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That's why it's instead recommended to stick to re-rolling after 4-5 pulls – which costs around 1200-1500 gems. You can earn this much by:

  • Progressing through the story campaign to around Chapter's 2/3.
  • Claiming the 'Launch Celebration Present' of 1000 Gems & Launch Celebration Log-In Bonus of 200 Gems each per day.
  • General Log-In Rewards e.g. 100 gems.
  • Linking the account to your Nintendo Account for a bonus 600 gems.

If you don't manage to pull a top-tier 5-star character in this opening window, you may want to consider re-rolling to try your luck again.

Pokemon Masters - Launch Celebration Sync Pair Scout

Between August 29th, 2019 and 28th November, 2019, players will get be allowed to use a special Sync Pair Scout pull where, if you do the 10-pull, you are guaranteed a 5-Star Sync Pair on the 10th pull (regardless of what happens in draws 1 through 9). As far as we can tell this is a one-time only deal, and the big catch is that you have to use gems you spent real-money on to do the Scouting. While the main UI only shows a single gem pool, whenever you go to purchase a Sync Pair Scout it'll show you separate numbers for free gems, and gems you've purchased. If you don't use 'paid' gems, this special Sync Pair Scout won't work.

Pokemon Masters Sync Pair Scout Launch Celebration

But now let’s talk about why pulling a 5-star isn’t actually that big a deal...

Pokemon Masters Pull Rates & Rarity Guide

In the current build of the game, 5-star rates are 7% per pull. But it isn't quite so simple. There are only five 5-star units in the game, cutting those odds to 1.4% for any specific 5-star unit. According to Reddit user Applepie38 the chances of coming out of 10 pull with all 5-star units is an astronomically low 0.000000003% or 0.000000004% during a guaranteed 5-star summon banner.

4 Star rates are currently at 20%, with individual sync pairs sitting at 1.11% odds.

3-Star rates are currently at 73%, with individual sync pairs sitting at 3.650% odds.

Note: As of September 3rd, a sixth 5-star sync paid has been added to the game (Blue/Pidgeot). Until September 30th the individual 5-star sync paid odds have shifted to 2% for Blue/Pidgeot, and 1% for the other five. Everything else remains the same.

All in all, while re-rolling is certainly possible in Pokemon Masters, it won’t carry much weight in the absence of guaranteed 4-star or above pulls – which is what we’re hoping to see after the initial 5-star launch banner. Rerolling is something for hardcore players to consider, but we highly suggest just playing at the game at your leisure.

The perception of this may very well change over time as power creep sets in, but right now, rerolling in Pokemon Masters is not recommended in general. Just have fun and don’t worry about losing hours of your life to RNG min/maxing.

Pokemon Masters is free-to-play and can be downloaded on iOS & Android.



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