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Haven: Forge Friendships to Save the World debuts new trailer

Unleashed Games reveals its first game, Haven: Forge Friendships to Save the World, where you need to rebuild reality and relationships to save the realm.

screenshot from haven forge friendships to save the world trailer

This one is for the cozy gamers out there, because Unleashed Games, a studio full of industry veterans that brought the likes of World of Warcraft, Monopoly Go, and Medal of Honor into the world, have just released the trailer for their first game, Haven: Forge Friendships to Save the World.

Unleashed Games is a studio full of gamers and parents alike, looking to build games they can play with their children, and so Haven: Forge Friendships to Save the World looks to be an understandably calm and cozy game coming to mobile devices, PC, and consoles. We’re already saving a spot for it on our list of the best cute games to play, and we can’t wait to build our own little virtual haven.

Reality has been splintered by an unknown and chaotic force in Haven: Forge Friendships to Save the World, and so it’s up to you to rebuild and work together with friends to create your titular haven, safe from the nefarious magic that threatens the status quo. Shadowy corruption has consumed everything, and so in your quest to rebuild, you’ll need to find friends and forge friendships to help save the world.

The game features the talented and BAFTA-winning voice actress, Cissy Jones, known for her work on indie game Firewatch, as well as a gorgeous musical composition from violinist Kelly G. Jeppesen, and judging from the trailer alone, the game encourages teamwork and community building, making it a great pick for games to play with friends.

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Unleashed Games was recently named a Game Changer for 2024 by Lightspeed and GamesBeat, so Haven: Forge Friendships to Save the World is certainly one to watch. While we don’t have a definitive release date yet, we do know it’s coming to mobile, PC, and console, meaning you can save the world anywhere you go.

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