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Hearthstone’s next expansion is its version of an anime beach episode

Hearthstone Perils in Paradise expansion continues the Year of the Pegasus’ whimsical theme, jetting us off to a tropical treasure trove.

Hearthstone Perils in Paradise: A close-up of Sunsapper Lynessa's smug smiling face as she saps the sun using her mirror board

Hearthstone’s Perils in Paradise is the next major expansion for Blizzard’s Warcraft-themed CCG. This is the second set launch during the game’s tenth year and it’s just as whimsical as Whizbang’s Workshop, but with a tropical twist.

While most of Hearthstone’s expansions and solo adventures are based on existing Warcraft lore, Perils in Paradise takes us to the sunny Spiral Isles, a brand-new location just for the card game. Every class is taking a vacation to The Marin, a luxurious hotel and resort that’s built to let you sit back, relax, and explore the wonders that other classes have to offer. That’s right, this expansion’s keyword, Tourist, revives dual-class Hearthstone decks in a whole new way.

As part of Perils in Paradise’s card pool, each class gets access to a legendary Tourist card that lets you ‘vacation to another class’ during deckbuilding. Simply add the card to your deck and you’ll get access to a selection of cards from a different class to diversify your gameplan. Of course, there are some limitations (Marin has to maintain some order in his slice of paradise) – you can only vacation to a set class, and you’ll only have access to class cards from Perils in Paradise and its future mini-set. Check out the official blog post to learn more about your vacation destinations.

It wouldn’t be an all-inclusive vacation without drinks, so Perils in Paradise features six drink spells to sample during your trip, as well as six new locations to visit across the Spiral Isles. If you fancy a taste of paradise before the expansion drops, you can log in right now to get the legendary minion Marin the Manager for free.

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When is the Perils in Paradise release date?

The Marin opens its doors on July 23, 2024. Pre-purchase for the bundle and mega bundle is live right now, so make sure you book your spot.

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That’s the latest information on Hearthstone’s Perils in Paradise expansion. Check out our Hearthstone anniversary interview to learn more about Blizzard’s plans for the Year of the Pegasus, or check out our list of the best mobile games for more adventures.