Honkai Star Rail release date

The Honkai Star Rail release date is within our grasp, and we patiently await more news now that the final Honkai Star Rail beta is live.

Honkai Star Rail release date: Splash art of Bailu, a new Honkai Star Rail character with purple hair and a fish tail, swimming in the ocean and collecting coral.

Attention all Honkai and Genshin Impact players, or Hoyoverse fans in general, a new game is on the way. The Honkai Star Rail release date is finally here! Hoyoverse officially unveiled the game as part of the Starfire Sonorant concert, which took place as part of the third-anniversary celebration for Honkai Impact 3rd. The final Honkai Star Rail beta is now over, and everyone can get their hands on the game soon.

Honkai Star Rail has turn-based combat and features many similar systems found in Genshin Impact. The latter of which continues to grow, with new areas and characters becoming available as part of fresh Genshin Impact updates. To learn more, we recommend you check out our Honkai Star Rail characters guide when you’re done here. Also, here’s what we know about Honkai Star Rail codes!

Honkai Star Rail release date speculation

The leaked Honkai Star Rail release date is set for April 26, 2023, with pre-installation coming on April 23. Not long to wait now! Check out our Honkai Star Rail update guide to find out more, and keep on top of everything coming in the full release.

When is the Honkai Star Rail beta?

The first closed Honkai Star Rail beta was available to iPhone users only, and then Hoyoverse held a second closed beta back in May 2022 for multiple platforms. The third and final closed beta is now finished on mobile and PC.

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What are Honkai Star Rail pre-registration rewards?

Honkai Star Rail pre-registration is now live on the official website. Here are the rewards you can expect now that all pre-registration milestones are hit:

  • 500k pre-registrations: 50k credits (already achieved)
  • One million pre-registrations: three Star Rail passes (already achieved)
  • Two million pre-registrations: one Trailblazer Avatar – Welcome (already achieved)
  • 3.5 million pre-registrations: four-star character Serval (already achieved)
  • Five million pre-registrations: 15 Star Rail passes (already achieved)
  • If the number of our social media account followers reaches 2.5 million: two Star Rail passes and 50k credit (already achieved)

Is Honkai Star Rail on PlayStation?

Announced during the live stream, Hoyoverse is working on a PlayStation version of HSR. This will be available in the future, hopefully, sooner rather than later. For now, the game will launch on PC and mobile.

For more HSR content, head on over to our Honkai Star Rail banner guide and Honkai Star Rail tier list for in-depth information on the game.