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Card-based RPG Infinite Magicraid pre-registration now open

Infinite Magicraid pre-registration is now open, so sign up and get ready to dive into this magical card-based RPG full of heroes and turn-based combat

Art for Infinite Magicraid showing a character with a sword, looking up at a large beast with big teeth and glowing horns.

Infinite Magicraid pre-registration is available now on iOS and Android, so you can be ready to dive into this brand new mobile title packed full of “high fantasy, heroic warriors, and strategic combat in a one-of-a-kind card-based RPG.” The game is set to launch on September 7.

If you get on board with Infinite Magicraid pre-registration, there’s a bevy of different rewards available, including handy items to develop your character and a bunch of in-game currency. The game is also cross-platform, so you can start your journey in iOS and switch to Android and back again to your heart’s content.

Once on board with Infinite Magicraid pre-registration, you can get ready to “control a group of heroes on their journey across a strife-filled land, navigating the complexities of warring factions as you seek to overthrow a sinister organization bent on plunging the world into chaos. Along the way, you’ll gradually uncover more of the world’s secrets and what motivates each faction as you immerse yourself into each region.” Sounds exciting.

When is Infinite Magicraid pre-registration open?

Infinite Magicraid pre-registration is open now. You can sign up on iOS or Android to get exclusive rewards, which you can see below, alongside their latest hero spotlight video.

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Here are some of the pre-registration rewards:

  • 50,000 pre-registrations: two excellent runes, one million coins
  • 150,000 pre-registrations: three excellent runes, two premium hero EXP potions
  • 300,000 pre-registrations: five excellent runes, two basic skill scrolls
  • 500,000 pre-registrations: then excellent runes, two four-star dragon eggs
  • 800,000 pre-registrations: two supreme runes, 800 diamonds

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