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New iPhone 16 case leak gives us our best look at the upcoming device

The new iPhone 16 case leak is a video, which means we get a proper glimpse of the device from every angle, offering some fresh insight.

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There has been no shortage of iPhone leaks and rumors lately, we’ve seen dummy models that supposedly show the size of each model, and we’ve even heard whisperings about the bezel thickness. However, this new iPhone 16 case leak is the first time we’ve seen a video surface.

The news comes after notable tipster, Ice Universe, shared a video showcasing an iPhone 16 case on X. There’s no accompanying text, so we’re left guessing as to which model the case is for, but given that it only has two camera cutouts, we believe it’s either the iPhone 16 or 16 Plus.

It looks rather large, so it’s most likely the iPhone 16 Plus, though it’s possible whoever shot the video just has tiny hands. With no frame of reference, it’s hard to tell. The case itself is as plain as they come, it’s a solid black design with a raised area for Apple‘s MagSafe magnets.

More excitingly, we can see that the cameras are vertically aligned, rather than positioned diagonally like the iPhone 15 models. It may seem like a minor design change, but supposedly, Apple might be making this design adjustment to allow non-Pro iPhone models to capture Spatial Video that you can view on the Apple Vision Pro.

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The other interesting development is the inclusion of a new button next to the volume controls, as well as an additional cut-out area on the other side of the phone. The former is likely for the Action Button, which Apple introduced with the iPhone 15 Pro, and the latter is rumored to be the new Capture Button.

The fact that the Capture Button has a cutout, rather than a button, gives credence to rumors that say it’ll be a capacitive touch sensor. It may even support swipe gestures – we’re really looking forward to learning more about this one. Of course, it’s worth taking all this with a pinch of salt until we see the iPhone ourselves, but the leaker in question is pretty reliable, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if all this is real.

Elsewhere, the case shows that the next iPhone will be very iPhone-like. You can expect the usual flat edges, as well as a flat rear panel, so there are no surprises there. If you want to check out what the iPhone 16 is competing with, see our guides to the best Samsung phones, the best Xiaomi phones, and the best Google Pixel phones. Or, if you’re looking for something a touch cheaper, see our picks for the best mid-range phones.