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Jujutsu Legacy codes July 2024

Roblox Jujutsu Legacy codes can help you learn new techniques so that you can fight back against those ghastly beings who want to harm you.

Jujutsu Legacy codes - an avatar stood on the pavement in front of glass with a purple glowing structure next to them

Jujutsu Legacy codes are a convenient way to get some additional rewards that you can use to get the techniques and gear that you want. As you can probably guess, this Roblox experience takes inspiration from Jujutsu Kaisen, a popular manga and anime series in which Jujutsu Sorcerers control the cursed energy in their bodies to fight against a race of spiritual beings that want to harm humanity.

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Jujutsu Legacy codes

Active codes:

  • 9KLIKES – 100 clan spins, 100 race spins, and 100 technique spins (new!)
  • 8.5KLIKES – 25 clan spins
  • 8KLIKES – 25 clan spins
  • Jackpot – 100 technique spins
  • 6.5KLIKES – 50 clan spins
  • 6KLIKES – 50 clan spins
  • 5.5KLIKES – 50 clan spins
  • 5KLIKES – 3o clan spins
  • 4.5KLIKES – 20 clan spins
  • SorryShutdown – 150 technique spins
  • Gifts – 50 clan spins
  • SorryForGiveSpecialClan – 50 clan spins
  • SorryForInfBugs – 250 technique spins
  • 4KLIKES – spins
  • 3.5KLIKES – spins
  • 3KLIKES – 60 race spins and 125 technique spins
  • 2.5KLIKES – 50 race spins and 100 technique spins
  • 2KLIKES – 75 race spins and 150 technique spins
  • 1.5KLIKES – 50 race spins and 100 technique spins
  • RaceSpin2 – 10 race spins
  • Infinity – spins
  • Jackpot – spins
  • BloodManipulation – spins
  • DisasterFlames – spins
  • Hanami – spins

Expired codes:

  • higuruma

What are Jujutsu Legacy codes?

Jujutsu Legacy codes come to you from the game’s developer, @kauan123ro, though there’s no release pattern for these freebies. The best thing to do is to check in with us from time to time, as we’ll keep a constant eye out for new codes and them here as soon as they arise.

Jujutsu Legacy codes redemption screen in the options menu

How do I redeem Jujutsu Legacy codes?

To redeem Jujutsu Legacy codes, you need to:

  • Fire up Roblox
  • Launch Jujutsu Legacy
  • Reach level five
  • Tap m to open the menu
  • Enter your code in the redeem here box
  • Tap ok
  • Enjoy your freebies!

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