Mario Kart Tour fans share the love for Boo Lake

Mario Kart Tour’s Boo Lake is the latest addition to the mobile game for its Halloween celebration, and fans are pretty happy with what they’ve played

Mario Kart Tour Boo Lake course as a blurred background with three sprites on top. In the middle is Mario, a jolly moustachioed dark-haired man in a white suit and top hat, arms and legs wide as he jumps in the air. On the right is Peach, a blonde haired princess in a white wedding dress looking celebratory. On the right is a cherub version of Peach as a baby (I know, weird) wearing a pink dress and crown, holding a bow and arrow with a heart shaped tip.

Mario Kart Tour keeps flexing its mobile muscles with fresh content and a steady pace to keep fans happy. It’s really impressive, especially when you consider Nintendo’s historically ropey support of live service games, particularly on the Nintendo Switch. I mean, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC took half a decade, yet Mario Kart Tour fanatics get new stuff every minute by the looks of it.

Those mobile karters are also happier with the results, it seems. While console cowboys debate the legitimacy of various 2D sprites in a crowd on one of the fastest sections of a circuit (for real, check out this forum), Mario Kart Tour’s Boo Lake has set fans’ hearts a-racin’. There’s barely a complaint in sight on this recent Reddit thread on the matter.

The user who pitches the question seems to be the most lukewarm: “There are some changes here and there, but unlike Sky Garden and Cheep Cheep Island and like Sunset Wilds, it remains MOSTLY the same. The remix is also good. And that’s about it. What do you guys think?”

Mario Kart Tour Boo Lake

Everyone else is a lot more glowing. “It’s awesome! And music is the best Halloween/haunted MK theme I’ve ever heard…” one user said, while another kept it short and simple, saying simply, “absolutely phenomenal”. It seems that Mario Kart Tour fans are having a great time with all the new content on offer from Nintendo, and it’s great to see.

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Still, there is one nitpick, though the user acknowledges that. “If there’s ANYTHING I could criticize, it might be a little empty? I’m sure they’ll reuse the Boos from Twisted Manor to liven it up some in [Mario Kart] 8 Deluxe, but the empty space around the track itself is more apparent than usual. Hardly a big issue, but a little more detail would have been nice.”

Wow, if all you can criticize is a tiny bit of emptiness, it’s gotta be good. Anyway, I think we could all learn a thing or two from fans’ reactions to Mario Kart Tour’s Boo Lake. Let’s just enjoy good stuff, eh? Like my Nier Automata Switch review