Mario Kart Hot Wheels – the best tracks and cars

Whether you’re looking for a set of new wheels, or a fresh track to burn some rubber on, we’ve got all the best Mario Kart Hot Wheels in one place

Mario Kart Hot Wheels on a track

Mario Kart Hot Wheels are the best way to play with Mattel’s classic range of toy cars. In the last ten years, we’ve seen racers from Bowser Jr, Cat Peach, and more, to classic tracks like Rainbow Road brought to life in chunky plastic racing goodness, taking us back to afternoons never wasted skirting around as Luigi, Toad, and the rest of the gang.

If you want your own collection of Mario Kart Hot Wheels, you’re in the right place, as we’ve hunted down all the best sets and speedsters to put them in one neat list. From tracks and racer’s taken from iconic locations from Mario Kart 8, to every shade of Yoshi you could ever want, there’s a little something for everyone. 

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The best Mario Kart Hot Wheels 

With Nintendo and Mattel leaning into Mario Kart-inspired Hot Wheels tracks and cars so heavily in recent years, there’s plenty of options for both if you’re looking to add to your collection. Because of this, we’ve split our list into tracks and cars separately, so you can quickly find whatever it is you need. 

Mario Kart Hot Wheels tracks

Mario Circuit

Inspired by old-school Mario Kart tracks, Mario Circuit is a quick loop around an obstacle-free course, complete with coins.

Bowser’s Castle Chaos

With two independent tracks, Bowser’s Castle Chaos is perfect for a race with friends, just don’t go too fast or you might fly off the course. 

Rainbow Road Raceway

The Hot Wheels imagining of the most famous track in Mario Kart history, Rainbow Road Raceway is a high-speed classic and necessity for every collection. 

Pirhana Plant Slide

A regular track with one hungry obstacle, Piranha Plant Slide is a quick zipped loop with one of Mario’s most common enemies waiting on every circuit. 

Chain Chomp Arena

In this arena-style track, it’s less about finishing the race and more about avoiding the ravenous Chain Chomp in the middle. 

Bullet Bill Launcher

If you want to get your Mario Kart Hot Wheels cars up to top speed, there’s no better or easier way than with Bullet Bill Launcher, which has no actual track, but some serious horsepower. 

Mario Kart Hot Wheels cars 

Mario – Standard

Mario – Wild Wing

Mario – Circuit Special






Shy Guy


Mario, DK, DK Jr, and Yoshi four pack

There you have it, our picks for the best Mario Kart Hot Wheels toys you can buy. For more Mario, check out our picks of the best Switch platformers, and see if you agree.