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Mario Strikers scores a new demo on Nintendo Switch

A new Mario Strikers demo brings Battle League Football to the Nintendo Switch for free, so you can give this hyper soccer simulation a try before you buy

Mario Strikers Battle League demo: Bowser, a large tortoise type dinosaur with big horns on his back and fangs and claws, wearing a blue football kit, roars on a football pitch

Nintendo has released a Mario Strikers Battle League demo on the Nintendo Switch eShop. You can try out a limited handful of characters, stadiums, and matches all for free. With the lively football simulation almost six months past its release, it seems Nintendo is trying to reinvigorate interest before the holiday season.

While we’ve had limited-time demos in the past, this is the first permanent one we’ve seen. It’s interesting, really, to consider why Nintendo chooses some games for limited-time trials, and others for permanent demos. Weirder still that Mario Strikers Battle League gets a demo so late after release.

Here’s what Nintendo said to announce it on Twitter: “Tested your grit out on the Strike field yet? Now’s your chance! The Mario Strikers: Battle League free demo is available now on Nintendo eShop! Play with a limited selection of characters, stadiums, and matches in the demo today”.

Mario Striker Battle League demo

You can check out the Mario Strikers Battle League demo on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Check out the game’s trailer below to see if you fancy it, or read our Mario Strikers Battle League review.

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