The original Mario Party dice rolls onto Nintendo Switch next month

With a Mario Party 1 & 2 release date now set for the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, its bombs away into a classic Mario experience

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Good news, party lovers! Mario Party, and its sequel Mario Party 2, are coming to Nintendo Switch as part of the expanding library of Nintendo 64 games available to NSO+ users. This pair of classic titles have inspired countless sequels, as well as pushing other famous IPs to get into the party game business, giving younger Mario fans a way to experience the series’ first outings.

With the Mario Party 1 & 2 Switch release date for Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack users right around the corner, you’ve got more than enough time to organise a game night with your friends and the Mushroom Kingdom crew. Whether or not your friends will want to talk to you after you ruin their lives on any one of the classic minigames – from Bombs Away to Mushroom Mix-Up – is another matter.

With the two Mario Party titles joining Mario’s tennis, golf, and karting games on the Switch’s 64 emulator, there’s now no excuse not to throw a retro Mario gaming night. Better still, with this double release from Nintendo, just when your mates think the drubbing is over, you can load up Mario Party 2 and thrash them all over again. That’s what friends are for.

When is the Mario Party 1 & 2 release date?

Both Mario Party and Mario Party 2 are available to play for Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack users from November 2, 2022.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the Mario Party release date for Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack. To bring the tunes to your gaming night, be sure to check out our Youtube Music download and Spotify download guides.