Mario Reddit poll deciding on the plumber’s best eighties adventure

Forget the Jumpman on Nintendo Switch, a Mario Reddit Poll is deciding on the triple jumping protagonist's finest 2D eighties adventures

Custom image of Mario looking confused on account of the Mario reddit poll ranking his early adventures, with a classic Mario background

Mario has been with us for over 35 years now, from his recent transformational hijinks in Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch, all the way back to his first solo side-to-side outing in Mario Bros. For some, those heady early days of blue and red pixels popping on a CRT screen still can’t be beaten, with Mario’s eighties adventures standing the test of time in countless ports, speedrun challenges, and lego tributes.

Still, as the internet does, it’s decided that only one can win. Therefore, a Mario Reddit poll is underway to decide on the best of the best of the 1980s Mario titles. The options include all the classic games of the era, from both the East and the West, with Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 1,2,3 and the Lost Levels, and 1989’s Super Mario Land making the list.

It will surprise few to learn that, at the time of writing, Super Mario Bros 3 is out in front with a healthy lead of over 140 votes compared to the meagre numbers from the other competitors. What might be more interesting is that four actual human people suggested the Lost Levels as their favourite in the Mario Reddit poll, despite its platforming still standing up today as nightmarishly difficult and unforgiving.

The least popular title on the vote seems to be the original Mario Bros, which makes sense considering that for many it doesn’t really feel like the start of the legendary platforming saga until, well, Mario is actually platforming. Besides the Lost Levels, Super Mario Land is the other languishing title, with the divisive handheld debut amassing fewer votes than any of the Bros games. 

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At the time of publishing, the Mario Reddit poll is still live, so be sure to get your vote in and make what I’ve written seem irrelevant, you Mario Land stans, you. For more of the moustachioed plumber, check out our favourite Mario Kart memes.