Reddit takes a vote on the Switch’s best Mario spin-off

With a Reddit poll deciding on the best Mario spin-off on Nintendo Switch, you can vote for your favourite and see how it fares against the rest

Custom image of Mario spin-offs including Rabbid Mario, Gooigi, and striker Mario

With over five years since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, there are plenty of Mario spin-offs available on the record-breaking handheld console to give the moustachioed plumber a little leisure time. From sports titles pitting the Mushroom Kingdom roster against each other in golf, soccer, or Olympic sports, to Luigi’s third encounter of the spooky kind, it’s hard to pick out a favourite from the bunch.

Still, that’s exactly what the Reddit Mario spin-off poll wants you to do, with six options available from the list. With a new entry this month in Mario’s tactical galactic adventure – see our Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope review for more on that – adding to Mario Party Superstars, Paper Mario Origami King, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and the Mario sports titles for Switch, this is a collection with some serious big hitters – and there isn’t even a Jumpman baseball game on Switch yet.

At the time of writing, the poll has Luigi’s Mansion 3 out ahead of the other titles amassing 44 votes, with Mario’s latest adventure alongside the Rabbids in second with 24, and Party Superstars lagging slightly behind with 22 votes. The sporty Mario spin-offs are having a tough time of it though, with Tennis Aces getting three votes to Battle League’s five. The poll is still running, so if you want to try and save grace for the future of Mario sports, be sure to make your voice heard.

It’s little surprise to see Luigi’s Mansion lead the line of Mario spin-offs, with so many holding a special place in their heart for the other-brothers moment in the spotlight. Whether or not it will be able to keep its place when the Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Rayman crossover eventually arrives is anyone’s guess, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the limbless wonder brought a few more players so Ubisoft’s IP crossover. 

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There you have it, all you need to know about the ongoing Mario spin-off Reddit poll. If talking about Mario sports titles has you in the mood for some activities, check out our picks for the best golf games, football games, and baseball games on Switch and mobile.