Gouda news! – Mario’s Cheese Rolling tumbling onto Switch

In a brie-lliant bit of news, Nintendo announces Mario’s Cheese Rolling, a wheely different kind of sport that we could sink our teeth into

Mario and Luigi chase cheese down a chill

Not content with being the king of karting, the titan of tennis, and the grandmaster of golf, it seems Mario is picking up another hobby, and this one brings together his love of Italian food and natural ability in sports. Today Nintendo announced Mario’s Cheese Rolling, the latest entry in Mario’s sporting career and an interesting new way to play if golf or tennis is nacho thing.

Mario’s Cheese Rolling features an array of returning characters, including Wart, Dixie Kong, and Baby Chauncey, the ghost from Luigi’s Mansion. How does a disembodied baby roll cheese? Well, grate news, you’ll find out when Mario’s Cheese Rolling stinks up the shelves later this year.

Just when you think things couldn’t get feta, Mario’s Cheese Rolling will also include a scratch and sniff card, allowing you to feel like you’re there in the fields with Mario, hurtling heaps of the yellow curd straight into Waluigi’s gangly legs. The flavours revealed so far include ‘Petey Piranha’s parmesan flakes’, ‘cheesy Toads on toast’, and ‘Wario’s armpits’. Though, the last one is only recommended for mature cheese experts. Who do you want rolling your cheese later this year?

Here’s an exclusive look at Mario’s Cheese Rolling in action, it looks like Waluigi isn’t having the best time, but he’s rolling with it.

Wario and Waluigi play with cheese wheels

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