Metroid Dread adds Boss Rush mode – what a rush

Need more Metroid Dread? Blast those beastly bosses all over again and aim for your best time, with the Metroid Dread boss rush mode update

Metroid Dread boss rush: screenshots show Kraid and a blue lizard like boss from Metroid Dread

It still feels weird to talk about Metroid Dread like it’s a real game, and here I am writing an article about the Metroid Dread boss rush update. Metroid Dread is a tough game from start to finish, its brutal bosses provide memorable action sequences and some series topping memories.

Well, if you want to dive back into the title to just pummel those creatures like Kraid and Raven Beak until the sun sets on ZDR, the Metroid Dread boss rush update should be music to your ears. Available as an update to Metroid Dread today, not only is there a boss rush mode, but several other new modes as well to truly test your skills. Fancy trying to beat every boss without taking a single hit? Well, now you can.

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To see more about the recent Metroid Dread updates, be sure to check out the trailer below from the last Nintendo Direct. 

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When is the Metroid Dread boss rush update release date?

The latest update for Metroid Dread is available right now, April 8, 2022. This adds a boss rush mode, letting you face every boss in a row. Once you beat boss rush you can unlock survival rush, where you must defeat as many bosses as possible before time runs out. In survival rush, each boss you beat adds more time to your clock, and beating a boss without taking a hit adds even more.

If you’ve beaten the game in dread mode difficulty, you can unlock dread rush. Challenge all twelve bosses in a row, but a single hit means defeat. Luckily, missiles are recovered after every boss fight. If you want to get a little extra experience, you can also play in practice mode, this lets you tackle the bosses at your own pace and improve your skills. Why not try and beat your own times as you improve! You can head on over to the official Metroid Dread website for even more updates. 

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