The best Minecraft Lego sets and toys

Lego heads, listen up - here are the absolute best Minecraft Lego sets that money can buy, and our picks for the best Minecraft toys too for good measure.

Minecraft lego: Steve with a Lego head

The wonderful world of Minecraft is bountiful in its blocky offerings, and we recommend these Minecraft Lego sets and toys to bring it into the real world. We’ve picked out a range of Lego sets in ascending price order (though there are plenty more to choose from!) and some of the best Minecraft toys on the market for you to feast your eyes on.

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Without further ado, here are our picks for the best Minecraft lego and toys!

Minecraft Lego

the full Minecraft Lego swamp adventure lego set

Swamp Adventure

A good place to start your Minecraft Lego collection is with a small, simple set – like the Swamp Adventure. This set has a cuboid frog and a semi-transparent slime, which makes it a good choice for sprucing up your desk.

Find it on the US and UK Lego stores here.

Minecraft Lego mushroom house set with monsters and human

Mushroom House

Moving on from the swamp is a quaint house built into a mushroom, with a tiny farm area and some enemies, and a mooshroom! Anyone that says they don’t like mooshrooms is lying.

Find it on the US and UK Lego stores here.

The Minecraft Lego fox lodge with foxes and monster

Fox Lodge

Next on our tour of Minecraft Lego properties is the Fox Lodge. As the name suggests, you can live inside a giant fox, while wearing a fox suit, and have two little Lego foxes following you around with this particular set. There’s even an arctic fox here too – making this the best set out of the lot.

Find it on the US and UK Lego stores here.

Minecraft Lego nether bastion set showing off monsters and lava

Nether Bastion

If you’re not in the market for a cute woodland house, then perhaps the Nether Bastion is more your style. Set in the lava-filled pits of the Nether, there are all sorts of creepy critters in this set for Steve to combat. The Magma Cube even expands – how cool is that?

Find it on the US and UK Lego stores here.

The Minecraft Lego sword outpost set

Sword Outpost

Back on the surface, we have the Sword Outpost set. Here you can play music, eat some cookies, and relax before your next big adventure. Beware, there is a skeleton and a creeper knocking around…

Find it on the US and UK Lego stores here.

Minecraft toys Pig House with functioning kitchen and waterfall

Pig House

You didn’t think we were done with animal-themed housing, did you? The Pig House, on the pricier side of the Minecraft sets, is adorable. There are gardening opportunities here and a spring of fresh water to water your… pigs.

Find it on the US and UK Lego stores here.

Minecraft Lego deep dark battle set with the Warden

Deep Dark Battle

Here’s something for those who aren’t faint of heart. Featuring the Warden enemy, the Deep Dark Battle tests your mettle and your defences. Be careful and watch for explosions in your base – there arepesky TNT blocks everywhere.

Find it on the US and UK Lego stores here.

The giant Minecraft Lego llama village set

Llama Village

If you find yourself with a mountain of spare cash, why not get the Llama Village set? Sure, it costs a fair bit, but look at it. Who wouldn’t want a whole settlement inside a giant Wandering Trader’s llama, really. This particular set is stuffed with things like a functional living space, a big hostile mob coming to destroy your settlement, flowers, and a little farm all for yourself.

Minecraft toys

Minecraft toys diamond pickaxe replica

Plastic Minecraft pickaxe replica

Perhaps Lego isn’t quite your thing and you want something a bit more functional – then look no further than this real-life pickaxe. It comes in different variants, but the diamond is clearly the best option. Note: cannot be used to actually mine rock blocks.

Minecraft toys nerf stormlander hammer in its packaging and out

Nerf Minecraft Stormlander hammer

What’s better than a hammer? A Nerf dart firing hammer, of course! Keep enemies at bay by firing darts, and then smash them into oblivion. Now, if only we could have this in the actual game…

Minecraft toys Creeper plush innocently waiting for you

Creeper plush

Creepers aren’t the most adorable things in Minecraft, but they are iconic. Therefore we suggest a little plush creeper to show your appreciation of the game while warning others of your explosive abilities.

Minecraft toys ender dragon plush being played with

Ender Dragon lights and sounds plush

Sticking with the plush monster theme, this one’s even bigger and better: it’s an Ender Dragon that makes sounds and has light-up eyes, so you can properly frighten your enemies. This cute lil cuboid dragon comes with poseable wings for making sure it looks formidable.

Minecraft toys Pig money bank with a coin

Minecraft Pig money bank

OK, so it’s not really a toy, but you can save up for your next Minecraft Lego set in style in this piggy – and it doubles as a neat decoration for a desk or bookcase.

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